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Dressgal Review

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Dressgal. They wanted to send me some items, of my choice, from their site for me to feature on the blog. I was given a $25 allowance, which also had to cover the postage costs from China to the UK. I managed to get myself 2 dresses and a t-shirt for a grand total of $24.96. This included a shipping fee of $6.41, plus a discount of $0.59. This discount is part of the $200 coupon that is added to your account when you sign up. You can use this as 15% off each of your orders, so that’s a lot of discounted orders!!
Right, so, what did I order?
First up is this Charlie Chaplin inspired top. Who doesn’t love Charlie, eh? This top comes in one size, but it’s baggy, so perfect for a comfortable look. I’d say it would fit up to a size 14 depending on the type of fit you like. I’ve got it tucked into my skirt here, but you can see that it is long enough for me to fold it over the waistband. This top also comes in a variety of other designs and costs just $3.91!
Next up is this arty face dress, it’s very Picasso, doncha think? I’m wearing a size L as they’re Asian sizes which I know tend to come up very small. It’s a little on the short side, but with a pair of shorts/leggings underneath, I feel quite comfortable wearing it out and about. It says the material is chiffon, but it’s a bit thicker than your usual chiffon. It does up with a side zip and also comes in black. It’s currently at a bargain price of $6.73 on the site, but even at the usual price of $11.22, it’s still very cheap!
Finally is this pretty pink dress. Again, I ordered a size L. This one is slightly longer than the previous dress, but still not quite long enough for me to feel comfortable wearing without shorts/leggings underneath. The material of this dress IS chiffon, and it’s lovely and light, perfect for summer. I can also see this getting a lot of wear in the winter, worn as a sort of pinafore over long sleeved tops with woolly tights. I really love the spaghetti straps and open back. It fastens with a little zip at the back. This dress costs just $12.14 but looks and feels like it should be more!
So there we have it. My first review for Dressgal. Although I was sent these items free of charge, all views are my own, and rest assured, they are honest JIf you’re looking for cheap, but pretty clothes, then I highly recommend Dressgal. I’ll definitely be ordering from them again!
Let me know if you buy anything, I’d love to see what you order!

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