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Cyprus – My furthest journey yet!

5 months ago (yeah, I’m a bit behind!) I sat on a plane for the longest amount of time (for me), ever, and travelled the furthest distance (for me), ever! My high school best friend, Jess, was getting married to her college sweetheart, Adam, on the beautiful Island of Cyprus. I’d never done a proper summer holiday like this before, having only ever travelled to European countries within the distance of a 2 hour flight from London, so I was excited, but also nervous as to how I would take to my longest flight, and to how I would survive a whole week in a seriously hot country.
I survived the 5 hour flight, no problem, mostly due to Baby Jack being my little model. It was extremely hot (apparently it gets even hotter in the mid-summer!), but I think I dealt with it okay, not too much moaning from me, although my room mate for the week might disagree… I’d had a massive shop for real summer clothing a week or so before, so I was well prepared! We arrived in the early evening at Elias Beach Resort, our home for the next 7 days, and made plans to meet in the Hotel’s dining area after we’d all settled into our rooms.
Our first night was pretty relaxed. We had a bite to eat from the evening dinner buffet, which featured foods from different countries each night, alongside traditional Cypriot delicacies. I also had my long awaited Pina Colada! After dinner, we took a wander down to the beach. Jess and Adam showed us the pier where their wedding would take place in 5 days’ time. Our night time stroll had us all ready for an early bedtime. We’d need energy for our first day of exploring the next day
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