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The Owls Are Not What They Seem…

Last month I visited the Twin Peaks pop-up bar in London. The Boyf is a big fan of the show and got me in to it too. All he had to mention was Kyle MacLachlan. Tickets are pretty hard to come by, but James managed to grab some in the 2nd release. You can either opt for the £66.50 diner ticket which includes a 3 course meal, cocktail and entry into the Owl’s Nest bar & installation rooms, or for just £6 you can get entry into just the bar & installation rooms. We opted for the latter. Before I go into our night in more detail, here’s what I wore:

Jumper // Stolen from my Nan…     Skirt // Vintage     Shoes // Kurt Geiger
For this look I took inspiration from the shows sultry character, Audrey Horne. She wears a lot of boat necked fluffy jumpers and high waisted checked skirts. You can usually find her swaying by the jukebox in the diner.
Anyone that has tickets to the last remaining dates to this pop-up bar, or anyone that is yet to see the show, you might not want to carry on…
Just a warning!
Okay, now they’ve gone, I can show/tell you more about the bar!
As you walk down the entrance stairs, you are greeted with a warning sign; “The owls are not what they seem”. Turn left at the bottom of the stairs and you’ll see something that is sure to give any Twin Peaks fan a chill. The Red Room. It’s not so much a room, more of a long curtained corridor that leads to the main bar area, but back to that in a minute. We had some exploring to do!
Upstairs, you’ll find a haunting scene. Laura in a body bag in the morgue. James’s Dad poked her face, she’s definitely dead! I had lots of fun delving into Laura’s room. I may have taken a bracelet.
Back at the bar, things were starting to happen…
We managed to grab ourselves a table in the bar area where we found some pieces of wood, so naturally I became the Log Lady. I’d spotted Audrey hanging around by the bar. What I didn’t know was that she’d already spotted us, or should I say Max. She sauntered over to our table and whispered in Max’s ear.
“What did she say?”, we all asked.
“She told me to meet her over at the pinball machine…”, Max replied, puzzled.
“GO!”, we all shouted!
So off he went to meet Audrey at the pinball machine. We all saw her lean over and slide a piece of paper across to him. He brought it back to the table, and we all unravelled the code (Hint: read it backwards).
So, Max took his little piece of paper to the bar where the girl serving presented him with a box full of more little bits of folded paper. He was told to pick one.
Once unfolded, we found ourselves a little challenge. We basically had to make friends with another group of people and join forces for a dance together on the stage…

As the bar area was getting busier with diners from the restaurant experience, and a suited unicorn (?!), I plucked up the courage and asked a group of girls on the table next to us if they’d take to the stage with me for a dance.

They agreed…

This Twin Peaks pop-up bar is only around until Saturday 21st November. Unfortunately tickets just for the bar are all sold out, but you can still grab a ticket for the diner experience!

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