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October’s Top 10 Best Bits

I’ve decided to start a monthly post compiling my top 10 things that I got up to. I’ve realised that I take a lot of photos and experience a lot of fun things that don’t really warrant a whole blog post to be written about them, and there are some things which have already had a mention on the blog, but they were just so good, they deserve another mention. I’ve also realised it’s quite hard to whittle it down to just 10, but here goes…

10) Boyf, Bro and Burgers

Byron announced it would be selling burgers for 25p for one day only. Me, The Boyf, and The Brother stood in the extremely slow moving queue for about 20 minutes before it started raining and we gave up. Instead, we walked less than 5 minutes down the road to The Lord Nelson and gorged on their burgers, which I much prefer anyway (peri-peri chicken & peanut butter – YES PLEASE!). James and Joff shared a moment whilst we waited for our food. Not sure if I should be worried…

9) Drunk shopping

I had wine with my Wagamama’s dinner in West London, before hitting Westfields to do some drunken birthday present shopping for my Mum. This is what I ended up buying… I clearly thought she’d love this bright pink, diamanté clad kitten cushion, but I don’t think she really knew what to make of it! I also bought myself a pirate plate, bowl and cup set in the sale, because wine not!

8) Spectre Press Preview

Lucky me had the chance to see the newest James Bond film almost a week before it was officially released! The perks of having a freelance writer boyfriend 😉 We grabbed some beers, popcorn and choccies from the cinema bar and settled down for an extremely action packed movie. There were lots of excitable nudges from James next to me as the film gives subtle nods to the classic films. If you haven’t seen it yet, you must! The opening scene is amazing!

7) Charlotte Street Hotel

Lucky me (again!) was invited along by my lovely friend Bernie to attend the Gala screening at the London Film Festival of Johnny Depp’s upcoming film, Black Mass. Before we hit the red carpet, we sipped on fancy cocktails at the Charlotte Street Hotel. This swanky establishment had been high on both mine and Bernie’s lists. The staff were lovely and the cocktails were delicious. Their afternoon tea looks pretty scrumptious too! You can see more on my outfit here.

6) McQueen @ Theatre Royal Haymarket

It started off an ordinary Tuesday, until I opened my inbox and found an email from Yplan informing me about their £10 deal on tickets for McQueen at Theatre Royal Haymarket. How could I not book these in a flash?! We filled our bellies with burgers and sweet potato fries at Ed’s Diner, followed by a cheeky cocktail at Waxy O’Connor’s. If you’ve never been to this ginormous pub before, go! It’s like a hobbit’s drinking den with wooden stairs going up and down, and sneaky passage ways. Just try not to get lost! Anyway, back to the show. It was, as you can imagine, beautiful and haunting all at the same time. As you walk in, Alexander McQueen, played by Stephen Wight, is slowly pacing the stage as the audience take their seats and quietly chat amongst themselves until the lights finally dim and the show starts.

5) Pizza Date Night @ Shortwave Cinema

I’d been sent an email from Usheru featuring a Pizza Date Night at Shortwave Cinema. This particular week’s film was The Martian. At £22.60 for 2 tickets and a fresh oven baked pizza to share, how could we resist! Beware if you decide to go for one of these deals in the future, the pizza was very small for 2 people. We ended up buying popcorn and a brownie to make sure our tummies weren’t a-rumbling during the film. The cinema itself is cute and comfortable, with a modern bar/café. I thoroughly enjoyed The Martian too. The soundtrack is 80s-tastic!

4) Red Hook Halloween Music Video

I lent my amazing(ly shoddy) acting skills to The Boyf’s band, Red Hook, for a Halloween music video. We spent most of a day filming in the nearby woods, with me running around covered in blood (food colouring and sugar) murdering 3 cloaked figures brandishing (plastic) weapons. There’s even a scene with a real pigs head! The 2nd day of filming was spent shooting the boys performance scenes in Jack’s garage. This involved masks, face paint, and swinging the lights from the ceiling. Most of it was shot from my Olympus camera, and I’m quite surprised just how well it’s come out! You can see more behind the scenes photos on the Red Hook Facebook page.

Here’s the end result!

3) Twin Peaks Pop-Up Bar

For anyone that’s a fan of Twin Peaks, if you didn’t manage to catch the pop-up restaurant/bar inspired by the show, then you missed out, BIG TIME! The Diner experience was £66.50 which included a 3 course meal, cocktail and entry into the Owl’s Nest. We opted just for the Owl’s Nest which was a £6 entry fee. I took inspiration from the sultry Audrey in my outfit for the evening (you can see my full outfit post here). The main bar area features pool tables, pinball machines and a stage & dancefloor. You’ll also spot some Twin Peaks characters wandering around. You might even be as lucky as Max and receive a secret task from Audrey herself! Go exploring and you’re likely to find yourself in Laura’s bedroom.

2) Red Hook @ The Comedy Bar

James’s band were scheduled to play The Comedy Pub in Piccadilly the same night I was scheduled to have to stay late at work to minute a long-ass meeting – at least that’s what I told him… I kept myself hidden, along with Amy, in the pub next door. We had spies on the inside to let us know once they hit the stage so we could sneak in. I finally revealed myself halfway through their first song. I love planning silly little surprises like this, and it’s safe to say, he was very surprised! This was my first time seeing his band play, and I bloody loved it! You can see more unbiased mini reviews in my October gig round-up.

1) Halloween!

I celebrated Halloween twice, with 2 different costumes. First up was Musical Bingo with the Bangarang babes for Ashleigh’s birthday. We decided to all join forces and go as Dead Mean Girls; I was Janis Ian (dyke) with a noose around my neck made out of your Mum’s chest hair, Ashleigh was Gretchen with her fetch Glasgow smile, Charlie was Snaggle Tooth who had quite the pencil wound from Cady when things turned nasty at the Mathletes, Katy was Karen dressed as a mouse (duh!), Erica was a zombiefied Regina, Emma was Cady as an “Ex” Wife, Claire was Ms Norbury, and we even had our own beheaded Damian! We were aiming to win the trophy for ‘Best Team Effort’, and we only bloody went and did it!!

The following night, my housemates and I hosted our very own Halloween House party. Me & The Boyf teamed up and became Beetlejuice & Lydia. We weren’t the only coupled costumes. Other attendees included Han Solo & Princess Leia and Two-Face & Poison Ivy. I ruddy love a reason to dress up! It’s more fun to try and make the costume yourself, even better if you can recycling things you already have at home. All I had to purchase for my costumes this year was the rope for Janis, and the red veil for Lydia. James didn’t just happen to have a stripy suit lying around, but a quick search on eBay fixed that!


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