Unique cinema dates

The Boyf & I both really like watching films at the cinema, but sometimes that can get a bit boring. So, we try to go to screenings that are a little different. London has some really cool cinema experiences so I thought I’d make a little list of some that we’ve been to.

See a rare classic

This is James’s favourite film – he’s a strange one. Directed by David Lynch, it’s every bit as weird as you’d imagine. I think I liked it, though it did leave me a bit…baffled. Anyway! PCC is a great cinema for catching screenings of popular classics along with some more obscure titles. They also have a range of sing/quote-alongs and all nighters, including a Christmas Pyjama party this weekend!

Taking things underground…

The Underground Film Club is the Winter child of the Summer Rooftop version (although they still do screenings throughout A/W), because who wants to be sat in the pouring cold rain, especially in Britain! This all takes place down in The Vaults underneath Waterloo station. Not only is there a fully functioning cinema, but there are also some street food kiosks, a lively bar area and mini crazy golf, but you’ll need a separate ticket to play a game. We grabbed some waffles – one sweet with peanut butter ice cream, meringues & Nutella, and one savoury with pulled pork – and some fancy cocktails and watched the crazy golfers whilst we waited for the cinema upstairs to open.

For this cinema trip, I had no idea what we would be seeing as James decided to keep it a secret from me. It was only revealed once we had already eaten, ordered drinks and taken our seats. It turns out we were seeing Strangers on a Train, featuring one of my favourite actors, Farley Granger.

The cinema itself felt a lot smaller than how it looked in photos I’d seen, but it was cosy. You’re handed headphones as you make your way to an old cinema seat (or, if you’re quick enough, a snug sofa at the front), which is handy as you can hear the trains above your heads. This is perfect for a date night with a movie buff!

Meet a very special guest…

Every now and then, PCC will invite a star from a movie they’re showing to come in and introduce the film and to do a Q & A. Gremlins is one of my all time favourite films, so I almost lost my shiz when I saw that Zach Galligan, AKA Billy from Gremlins, would be coming over for some screenings of the cult classic. Unfortunately I wasn’t quite quick enough to get us tickets to see Gremlins, so we went for Gremlins 2 instead! Billy, sorry, ZACH came into the screen early so we’d all have the chance to get a quick autograph and snap.

We then took our seats and the floor was opened for questions for Zach. There was talk of security searching the boot of Zach’s car after each day of filming, and even a little hint at a Gremlins 3! After the questions were finished, it was time for the film. James had never seen Gremlins 2 before, so it was great to see his reactions to this super crazy sequel!

Up on the roof

Rooftop Cinema London Lifestyle Blogger

Rooftop Film Club is probably the most popular of fun cinema experiences. Not only do they play everyone’s favourite classics, but they also show a couple of current films too! Obviously this one can be a bit risky what with the great British weather, but watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s in the pouring rain might just make it that little bit more romantic, at least hilariously funny!

Luckily for us, there was no rain the night we chose to watch Ghostbusters on the rooftop above Stratford shopping mall. It did get a bit chilly though, but fear not as RFC have you covered, literally with fleecey blankets! They also had a bar set up which were doing fun movie themed cocktail. I got the Jurassic Park with a cute dinosaur sticker and tropical leaves.

Rooftop Film Club London Lifestyle Blogger

Giant Pillows!

Pillow Cinema Club Home Alone Movie Date Night London Lifestyle Blogger

In the run up to Christmas we popped along to Pillow Cinema to watch Jack Frost (y’know the one with Micheal Keaton?), well only we didn’t. A few days before they had emailed to say that due to licensing problems they couldn’t show that film and would instead be showing Home Alone. This worked out brilliantly as I had booked tickets as a surprise for James and turns out he doesn’t actually like that Jack Frost film but LOVES Home Alone. Anyway! Pillow Cinema is a big room full of giant, you guessed it, pillows! They’re more like flattened out bean bags. They were super comfy and perfect for a cosy night watching Culkin own those burglars. This is definitely one to take a date to as you probably don’t want to get all snuggled up under a blanket with your brother…

So if you’re bored of going on dates to see the latest blockbuster film, in the usual mainstream cinema, or maybe you fancy something fun to do with a friend in London, I highly recommend researching if your favourite film is going to be shown somewhere different and quirky.

Have you been to any other unique cinema experiences in London? I’d love to hear about them!


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