December Gig Round-Up

December was a very busy month for me, what with Christmas and my birthday, but I still managed to squeeze in a couple of gigs!

Roosevelt @ The Pickle Factory*

It was a Wednesday night and I had nowt to do, then up pops Roosevelt on Jukely. I remember missing him last time he had passes available on the site, but this time I made sure I was there! I’d never been to the Pickle Factory before. It felt a bit like an oversized summer shed/house, with its slanted wooden ceiling and windows. Roosevelt sounds a bit like Dan Croll but with really funky, danceable beats. Though the hipsters there were far too cool to actually dance.

Molotov Jukebox @ The 100 Club

This was a big Charley/ie night out with fellow name sharer, and blogger, Charlie. We started off with all the food and cocktails at MeatLiquor. When we entered the 100 Club there was some sort of cowboy reverend in a white suit accompanied by his 3 ‘Hail Mary’s’, AKA The Church. These guys were a lot of fun, and they were just the support needed to get the crowd ready! Once Molotov Jukebox came out, the party was notched up to 11. There are a lot of guys in this band, fronted by the gorgeous Natalia Tena, so the widthy stage in this venue was perfect for them all to spread across. Such a fab, fab night, and we even managed to dance through our meat sweats!

Django Django @ Roundhouse*

Every now and then Jukely will offer passes for something a little bigger than usual, and you’ll sit and stare at the screen and say ‘HOLY FUDGING SHITAKE MUSHROOMS, THEY CANNOT BE SERIOUS!!’. But yes, Jukely were totally serious. They’d already given a little sneak preview of what would be coming up on the site a week or so before, so I was ready for these passes to go live at dead on 11am 2 days before the gig. I saw Django Django for the first time last summer at Citadel Festival, and they were brilliant! This time around, they were even more so! They also had a fantastic lazer/light show to accompany their eccentric music. Support came from the oddly mesmerising Stealing Sheep.

The DØ @ Electric Brixton*

I’d seen these guys about 4 years ago and really enjoyed watching them live, though it felt like there was a bit of tension between Olivia and Dan. This time round, I was happy to see more chemistry between the two. Their new stuff is sounding great and powerful. I really like their short film they did, tying in 7 songs off the new album. Not gonna lie, I have quite the girl crush on Olivia. Upsetting that I still haven’t seen them play one of my favs (Stay Just A Little Bit More) live. Maybe next time.

The Glam Clam @ The Dome Tufnell Park

Not your conventional gig. Instead, this one had musicians from Ronnie Scotts, cabaret show tunes from Collette Cooper, and amazing drag from Sink The Pink. I was joined by 10 other babelicious bloggers for this big night out with a little help from Santander and their new app KiTTi. You can read my full post here.

These gigs I got passes to through Jukely. Click through any of my links to get £10 off your first month’s subscription!

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