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Disneyland Paris [The Birthday Series]

For my birthday this year, I decided to go all out and what’s more ‘all out’ than Disneyland Paris?!! I was woken up with presents and a giant Millie’s Cookie from James, waaaay better than any breakfast in bed! I got to become a Princess for the day as James had bought me a beautiful tiara. Move over Princess Charlotte, I was here first!

The last, and only other time I had been to Disneyland was about 10 years ago. I was excited to see it all dressed up for Christmas. After entering through the main gates and taking in the wonderful scenery, our first port of call was food. Once that was out of the way, we had all the time in the World (well, until 7pm) to get stuck into the rides and attractions.

The castle is even more spectacular in real-life and extra sparkly for Christmas, surrounded by fake snow and character snowmen.

James & I had a go at the Mad Hatter’s never-ending maze, eventually making it out the other end. We then hopped aboard for a magical boat ride, with miniature displays of happily ever after’s along the banks.

Next, it was off to Adventure Island for Indiana Jones, Aladdin and pirates – my favourite! The Pirates of the Caribbean attraction is one thing I really do remember from my last trip to Disneyland, as me & my Mum, being the wimps that we are, weren’t quite expecting this to be such a downwards ride, but I loved it!!

Unfortunately the big pirate ship was shut, but we’ve added this to our ‘Next Time’ list!

Having already sailed the Seven Seas, it was time to rocket our way across outta space in Discoveryland. We shot lasers with Buzz Lightyear, travelled to a galaxy far, far away, and we also managed to catch a performance from the Jedi Academy and Darth Vader. Star Wars had a big presence in this corner of Disneyland, with the simulator ride being one of my favourites of the day.

It really did feel like we were zooming across the galaxy at light speed, when really we were just sat in a mini cinema-type room!

We made it back to the front of the Castle just in time for the parade. The floats are absolutely amazing. You’re bound to catch a glimpse of your favourite characters. Even James got to see his unconventional favourite, Mr Smee! We saw the classic Princesses, along with their Princes, the newer generations with Frozen and Tangled, and all the best of Disney’s furry friends from The Jungle Book and The Lion King. The parade wouldn’t be complete without Mickey & friends. You may have seen I was even lucky enough to have bumped into a couple of characters whilst wandering around the park!

Our magical day finished with a singalong around the enormous Christmas tree, led by Mickey & the gang with a very special guest – Santa (I KNOW HIM!), followed by an amazing fireworks display and light show on the castle. Seriously guys, one of THE most awesome things I’ve ever seen!

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A big, mahoosive thank you to everyone for the birthday love across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Bisoux!


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