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A Winter’s Tale

The day after New Year’s Day (having fully recovered from our house party), I received an unexpected text from a friend asking if I was free for a theatre trip! He had been lucky enough to win the chance to buy tickets to see A Winter’s Tale through their online lottery. Even luckier, he’d managed to grab front row tickets!!

Before I get into the play, check out my cool new bag!

Bag // Skinny Dip London      Coat // Joy      Jeans // New Look      Trainers // Converse

An emoji bag?! Told ya it was cool, didn’t I! It’s the happiest of emojis in a bright yellow, enough to put a smile on anyone’s face. I picked it up from Skinny Dip’s online sale over Christmas for just £12.50. I also bought another bag in the sale that’ll be making its appearance on the blog very soon. I’ve become quite the fan of Skinny Dip after popping into their shop during Seven Dials‘ Christmas Shopping Event in Covent Garden back in December, where I picked up a very glam clam. If you like things a little bit quirky, then they don’t get much quirkier than Skinny Dip. It was a miserable, grey day in London, but this colourful painted wall by Nathan Bowen soon brightened things up.

Right, back to the theatre.

The play we were seeing was A Winter’s Tale. My first Shakespeare theatre show! There was a great cast too, made up of Dame Judi Dench, Kenneth Branagh, Miranda Raison and Adam Garcia *swoon*. A Winter’s Tale is actually part of a series of plays at the Garrick Theatre put on by The Kenneth Branagh Theatre Company.

The first half is actually quite heartbreaking, but it soon brightens up after the interval with lively music and dancing, and of course, a happy ending. I’m not gonna lie, Shakespeare confuses me. When I read anything by the playright, I have no idea what is going on. But seeing it being physically acted out right in front of me (like RIGHT in front of me – hello front row!), I get it!

Unfortunately this show ended yesterday, but there are more shows to come. You never know, you too might be lucky enough to sit front row and feel Kenneth Branagh’s spit across your face.

After the show we headed to Ed’s Diner for a quick milkshake and some more photo fun!

All theatre photos taken from the official Kenneth Branagh Theatre Company website.


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