December’s Top 10 Best Bits

December is a busy month for most, but for me it’s even more so as it’s also the month I celebrate my birthday, and this year there were many celebrations! See what I got up to in November!

10. Pillow Cinema Club

My only Black Friday purchase was tickets to Pillow Cinema with 30% off. I’d originally booked us to see Jack Frost (Michael Keaton is a total babe, even as a snowman), but due to licensing, they had to cancel. Instead they decided to screen Home Alone, which actually worked out very well as this was a surprise for James and apparently he doesn’t like Jack Frost. He does however LOVE Home Alone! We had a lovely snuggly evening just a week before Christmas. See our other unique cinema dates.

9. Christmas Day

This year was a bit quieter than usual, but lovely nonetheless. For the first time ever we actually went out for Christmas dinner to the Market Cross in Dunstable. I had a yummy mulled wine whilst we waited to be seated. My starter was my favourite part – goats cheese and spinach tart with caramelised onions. I received a variety of gifts, mostly involving anchors and sloths. You can read more on my OOTD here.

8. Winterville

I’d managed to get a free pair of tickets to the circus at Winterville from ShowFilmFirst. The show was only an hour long, but it was actually really very good and we thoroughly enjoyed it. After the circus, we took a walk around the rest of the park where I drank all the mulled things (cider, wine and Southern Comfort) and got some grub from the Higgidy kiosk. James also won me a toy in the camel race, though they were dressed up as reindeer. I love Winterville! I’ve never been to Winter Wonderland, but all I’ve heard is moaning about the super long queues and claustrophobic crowds. Winterville is a breeze! You can walk around easily and it doesn’t take long at all to get a drink at the numerous bars. Unfortunately it’s closed now, so you’ll have to wait until Christmas to give it a visit.

7. NYE House Party

This year I really didn’t fancy a big crazy night out, so my housemates and I decided to have a big crazy night in instead! We scoured our house for funky lights, invited some friends, bought plenty of party poppers to go around and rung in the New Year altogether in the kitchen. I always feel more relaxed at my own house party. I don’t need to worry about getting home if I get a little too merry, and it’s a nice feeling knowing my bed is just upstairs. The only downside is the clear-up the next day. Party streamers everywhere!!

6. Molotov Jukebox

Mine and Charlie’s night started with ALL the food at MEATliquor. We were both quite surprised there was no queue to get in, especially on a Friday night! After stuffing our faces, we waddled over to the 100 Club to see Molotov Jukebox, a funky band fronted by Harry Potter actress Natalia Tena, AKA Tonks. This is such a fun band to see live, we boogied the whole night away. You can read more on this gig and others I attended in December here.

5. Star Wars Episode VII

This was quite a momentous occasion as this night was the first time me and my 4 housemates had ever been in the same room together! We’ve had 2 newbies move in over the last couple of months, but we’ve all got busy lives and different working hours, it’s difficult to ever arrange a house get together. Only Star Wars could bring us together, and goodness, what a film! If you haven’t seen it already, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! I was only introduced to the franchise early last year and even dressed up as a galactic explorer for Secret Cinema’s screening of Episode VI. This latest instalment is definitely worth a watch, probably more than once.

4. Panto!

I haven’t been to a panto in years, but I was invited along with The Boyf’s family to see Dick Whittington, starring Shane Ritchie at The Orchard Theatre in Dartford. I was worried I might be a bit too old for panto now, but NU-HUH! I LOVED IT! There were more than enough jokes for the adults (it’s Dick Whittington for goodness sake!), along with colourful costumes and silly songs for the kids. There was also a really impressive 3D bit which was something I’d never seen at a panto before. I can’t wait for this Christmas so we can do it all again!

3. UK Birthday Celebrations

As me and James were going away for my birthday, I thought I’d arrange a few mini celebrations. It started with breakfast and a much needed catch-up with Jess at the new Ed’s Diner in Luton. This was followed by brunch at Malmaison’s brasserie, Chez Mal. My UK celebrations ended with dinner at the Breakfast Club, followed by drinks in their secret bar, Call Me Mr Lucky. You can read posts on all these, plus what I got up to in Paris under the tag The Birthday Series. A big thanks to all who helped celebrate, love you guys long-time!

2. #GlamClamMeatSlam

Santander sent me and some other bloggers on a big night out. We were helped along with their new mobile app, KiTTi. We got to plan the night ourselves and opted for meaty meals at Q Grill in Camden, followed by wine and a drag show at The Glam Clam. You can read my full post on what we got up to that night here! You can also read the other ladies posts by clicking the links – Charlie, Ashleigh-Jayne, Katy, Erica, Milly, Natasha, Claire, Emsy, and Angela. Thanks for a truly fabulous evening, girls!

1. Parisian Birthday Celebrations

I celebrated my birthday weekend with a trip to Paris with James. We spent my actual birthday at Disneyland Paris, which was looking even more magical with all the Christmas decorations. I had the best day ever, and was thoroughly spoilt (James even bought me a tiara!!). We completed our weekend away with all the main tourist attractions as James had never been to Paris before. Over the next 2 and a half days we managed to squeeze in a massive Christmas market, Gallerie Lafayette, birthday dinner with some French friends, Notre Dame, Sacre Coeur, Moulin Rouge, and the Eiffel Tower! You can read full posts on Paris, plus how I celebrated my birthday in the UK under the tag The Birthday Series.

What a month! Here’s to the next, and a brand new year ahead. Thank you all for reading, and for your comments, likes and follows across all my social platforms. I LOVE YOU ALL!!


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