Hump Day High 5 · London

Hump Day High 5!

Ahoy, and welcome to my 2nd Hump Day High 5! Wondering what it’s all about? Check the first ever #HumpDayHigh5 post. I’m basically trying to brighten up my hump day by celebrating 5 of the best bits from the last 7 days.

Misty Miller @ Windmill Brixton

Misty Miller Live Female Singer at Windmill Brixton London Music Scene

I grabbed some passes through Jukely (get £10 off your first month here!) to see Misty Miller play The Windmill Brixton, a venue I had yet to visit! It mainly smells of sick, but they do some great beers and it’s a good place for an intimate gig. Misty played a pretty amazing cover which had me saying “Oh, I like this song. Why do I know it? It’s One Direction….? WHY DO I KNOW IT?!”. There’ll be more on this gig in my monthly round-up soon.

Wahaca &

wonder-land at national theatre london show alice in wonderland cheshire cat

Thursday evening Me, Charlie & Ashleigh, and their friend Hannah stuffed our faces at Wahaca (best sweet potatoes, EVER!) before taking our seats in the National Theatre for Damon Albarn’s – an Alice in Wonderland theatre production with a modern twist. It’s a little strange. For a majority of it you’re wondering what is meant to be real and what is imaginary/fantasy. Nonetheless, I really enjoyed it, with its colourful costumes and an inventive use of wheels on set pieces and props. There’s also some fun interactive stuff to play around with in the foyer during the interval too!

The Boyf’s Birthday

batman birthday cake with pirate skull candles

James’s birthday was Friday, and I had plenty planned! I surprised him with a trip to the Cart & Horses pub in Stratford, the birthplace of Iron Maiden, and James’s favourite band. I’d also managed to arrange for all his friends to be inside waiting for his arrival. We celebrated with plenty of beers, live music and a yummy Batman birthday cake.

Scoffing brownies at The Folly

Chocolate Brownie with Ice Cream and Sauce at The Folly London Food Porn Dessert

I had another surprise up my sleeve on Saturday (keep reading to find out what). We had some time to kill beforehand, and The Folly was calling us in with its warm, comfy looking interior. Their brownie was just the ticket, with a sweet dollop of vanilla ice cream and a mini jug of chocolate sauce. Food porn at its best!

Sky Garden Surprise!

The Sky Garden London City View Indoor Tropical Plants

As we had been walking around looking for somewhere to grab a quick drink before we settled on The Folly, we’d walked past 20 Fenchurch Street, where James pointed out a poster for the Sky Garden, mentioning it sounded awesome. Little did he know that it would be our next stop! There was a double whammy to this surprise, as I’d been in cohorts with his parents and brother who were all up at the bar waiting to surprise him. The views of London are absolutely spectacular! I’d planned it perfectly so we managed to be up there for the sun setting. I’ll definitely be going back for a visit very soon.

So there we have it. A pretty busy week, revolving mainly around James’s birthday. I’ve warned him its back to normal this week 😛

Let me know what you’ve been up to over the past 7 days in the comments below, or by using #HumpDayHigh5 on Twitter and Instagram!

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