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The Henry Root

If you didn’t know already, Emerald Street currently have a promotion of 2-for-1 brunch vouchers available to use at various places around London. This weekend we headed to The Henry Root as we also had tickets to Frock Me‘s vintage fair that was taking place nearby in Chelsea.

The Henry Root London restaurant front sign food blogger

Queen Elizabeth The Henry Root cheeky funny royalty framed picture

cool fish water jug The Henry Root

The Henry Root is a cute restaurant, with kitschy framed pictures along the walls and cool fish-shaped water jugs. I started with a hot chocolate whilst we perused the breakfast menu. It was actually the most perfect hot chocolate I’d ever had. The temperature was just right for me to start drinking it straight away, and it was sweet and creamy without being too sickly. I even had a second cup before we left!

Avocado fried egg brioche burger bun The Henry Root food blogger

The Henry Root poached eggs royale salmon London food blogger

I decided to order the avocado, bacon & egg burger (minus the bacon). This was basically sliced avocado and a fried egg in a brioche bun. It was deeeelicious! The avocado was perfectly ripe and the oozing egg yolk soaked into the brioche. Nuraan had the eggs royale and by the orgasmic sounds coming from her mouth, her dish was just as scrumptious as mine.

Hot chocolate at The Henry Root pretty plate saucer

 The Henry Root inside interior decor dog framed pictures

Neither of our dishes were too over-filling so we sat back and enjoyed another hot chocolate. The Henry Root is a lovely relaxing place, even at full capacity, with plenty of space between tables and lots of natural sunlight coming in through the main front windows. I’d definitely revisit!


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