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Belgo Holborn Relaunch

Last week I was lucky enough to be Erica‘s +1 for Belgo‘s Holborn restaurant relaunch. They’d just undergone a big revamp and so wanted to show off their new face, plus a new menu to go with it too!

Belgian beers at Belgo London food blogger

Belgo Fruli strawberry mojito cocktail food blogger

We were welcomed in and handed Fruli mojitos on the way to being shown to our table. Fruli is basically a strawberry beer, so it gave the mojito a unique twist in taste. On our table was a variety of other Belgian beers, something Belgo is well known for. So, we got to work on these whilst waiting for the starters to arrive.

Belgo London restaurant food blogger starters prawns croquettes pate

Garlic prawns London food blogger Belgo restaurant

Belgo cheesy croquettes food blogger London restaurant

The starters were little taster canapés of pâté on mini toast topped with Delirium jelly, cheesy croquets and garlic butter king prawns. All the dishes were super yummy, but the pate was probably my favourite as it was so light and creamy.

Next up were the mussels.

Mussels at Belgo London Seafood Chips Food Blogger

Belgo restaurant London seafood mussels food blogger

These mussels were cooked 2 ways; one lot in a white wine cream sauce, and the other in a Thai green chilli. The Thai mussels certainly had a kick to them, but it was the creamy white wine that won it for me! Also, a quick mention about the double cooked fries. We all agreed these were bloody delicious, with just a hint of flavouring. They were perfect for soaking up the leftover sauce from the mussel bowls too.

beef and asparagus garlic butter lobster seafood Belgo food blogger

Food blogger drinking a yard of Belgian beer at Belgo London

Belgo plank of alcohol shots

There was another round of mains. These were made up of asparagus wrapped in tender beef, and chunks of lobster in garlic butter. Whilst we were tucking into these, the Belgo team came around the tables offering a yard of beer and a massive plank of wood carrying enough shots for the whole establishment! I went for the chocolate shot which didn’t really taste of alcohol, at all!

Belgian waffles with chocolate whipped cream and berry jam at Belgo restaurant London

Belgo London chocolate and fruit Belgian waffles food bloggers

Finally it was time for dessert, and of course it was waffles! We got to try 3 different toppings; cherry jam, whipped cream and dark chocolate sauce. The chocolate was definitely my favourite, not too overpowering but the perfect balance of rich and creamy.

A big thanks to Erica for letting me tag along, and a thank you to Belgo for a wonderful evening of food, beer and amazingly friendly service! I’ll definitely be going back, especially as they have 2-4-1 on cocktails most nights!


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