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Heddon Street Kitchen

Emerald Street currently have some brunch deals available to use at various restaurants around London. 2 weeks ago I used a voucher for breakfast at The Henry Root, where we were able to use the voucher on all the delicious dishes from their regular menu.

Heddon Street Kitchen Emerald Street Menu

Photo by Erica

It’s a whole different story if you’re planning on using one of these vouchers at Heddon Street Kitchen. This is exactly what Charlie, Claire, Erica and I had arranged to do to celebrate Galentines and Internet Friends Day. Erica arrived first and was handed a set menu specifically for Emerald Street readers. This was made up of just 3 items; bircher muesli, egg & bacon roll, and scrambled egg with smoked salmon. If any of us had been a veggie, the only option for us would’ve been measly muesli! This was quite a downer as we’d all been scouring the menu the days leading up to brunch. It was miserable and wet outside, so we decided to just stay where we were and pay full price for items from the regular menu.

Breakfast brunch at Heddon Street Kitchen scrambled egg toast avocado food blogger

Scrambled egg avocado toast Heddon Street Kitchen London food blogger brunch breakfast

I went for the scrambled egg on toast with an extra side of avocado. This was all actually quite nice, but not quite worth the £13 that my order came to, including 1 glass of orange juice. I wouldn’t usually spend this much just on breakfast, which is why we wanted to use the vouchers so we could experience something a bit fancier at a discounted price.

Galentines Day Brunch at Heddon Street Kitchen Eggs Avocado Tea Full English Breakfast

Tea and brunch at Heddon Street Kitchen food blogger full English breakfast avocado eggs

I felt bad for the other girls as none of them seemed to really enjoy theirs. Charlie & Claire went for the full English breakfast. At a steep price of £11.50, it didn’t even come with any toast. They both swapped their tomato for a side of beans instead. This tiny pot of beans would’ve cost £3 if ordered as an extra side. 3 quid for barely a tablespoon of beans?! Claire’s poached eggs were also very much overdone. Erica ordered the eggs on pumpernickel toast, but it was burnt to a crisp. The not–so-friendly service also added to our unsatisfactory Galentines brunch, with our waitress practically rolling her eyes when it was explained why we would not be leaving a tip.

It’s such a shame that Heddon Street Kitchen wasn’t quite as fabulous as we were expecting as we’d all heard great things about this restaurant. Safe to say, we won’t be going back. Thank goodness I had amazingly awesome company from these babes to make up for it!

Im Being Erica and Captain Charley London Food Bloggers

Country Mouse Claire and Charlie Distracted London Food Bloggers


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