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Hump Day High 5!

I’ve had a busy week of packing but have still managed to get out about to do fun things. Here’s my Hump Day High 5 from the last 7 days. Enjoy!

New Phone!

New Windows Nokia Lumia phone in blue

I finally got my phone upgrade. So pretty. Much blue. I’ve decided to stick with Windows as I find it super easy to use and it doesn’t feel like it would completely smash to pieces if I was to accidently drop it, and let’s face it, I’m likely to drop it at some point.

Marvel-ous night with Joe’s Bloggers & BGO

BGO casino online gambling mini popcorn Joe's bloggers Marvel superhero event

Monday night I joined in my first Twitter chat with Joe’s Bloggers. Lucky me managed to win a place at their superhero event on Wednesday . The night involved mini burgers and fish & chips, plenty of drink, the chance to have a go at BGO’s Avengers game on iPads dotted around the room, lots of sweet treats and our own private screening of X-Men: Days of Future Past. I had a lovely evening chatting with some fellow bloggers and having the chance to see a film I’d not seen before.

Brunch at Tom’s Kitchen

Eggs royal at Tom's Kitchen St Katherine's Docks London food blogger brunch breakfast

I took a break from packing and went for an absolutely delicious brunch with James at Tom’s Kitchen in St Katherine’s Docks. I definitely needed a cocktail and went for a fruity Mango Mojito. YUM. It was a shame about the weather, but I’m sure the St Katherine’s Docks location would be utterly beautiful in the summer. I’ll have a full post on brunch here soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

Pub Quiz at King Eddie’s

Housemates local pub quiz Stratford London blogger King Eddie's friends

We had one last household hangout at our local pub quiz round the corner at King Eddie’s. As we all have busy schedules and differing working hours, it’s difficult to get us all in the same place at once. This was a lovely little send off, although I’ll definitely be seeing them all once I move out. We didn’t do too badly in the quiz either!

Yelp’s Newbie Pasta Night

Yelp Newbie pasta tasting event evening at House of Godo Food Blogger

Last night I was invited to one of Yelp’s Newbie nights. This one was a pasta tasting evening at House of Godo. It wasn’t the best evening for food tasting as we missed out on most of the tasters that were going around this lil pop-up, but it was an excellent night for meeting some fellow Yelpers. Everyone was so friendly!

So that was my week. Show me your favourite moments over the last 7 days by using #HumpDayHigh5 across Twitter and Instagram!

See what I got up to in last week’s Hump Day High 5!


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