Hump Day High 5

Hump Day High 5!

Ahoy, and welcome to this week’s Hump Day High 5!

Bon Voyage Charlie!

Bangarang London Food Bloggers

Thursday evening, the Bangarang ladies & I got together to wish Charlie ‘See you soon’ (it’s not farewell!) as she is set to embark on 3 months of traveling. As one of the founding members, Charlie is a big part of Bangarang and she’ll most certainly be missed by all of us. I can’t wait to read about everything she gets up to on her blog. I’m sure 3 months will fly by, right?!


Moving van packed up to move house home in London

It finally happened! I packed up all my belongings in what has been my room for the past 5 & a half years, and moved it all into my brand new room. It’s been a totes emosh weekend, but I’m happy it’s finally done. Now I just need to unpack everything!

The Big Musical Marathon

Red Hook band live music at The Big Issue charity marathon London

I am so incredibly proud of my friend Lucy who put on 12 hours of amazing live music all in the name of Charity! All proceeds from the evening went to The Big Issue. I also got to play the part of the proud girlfriend, again, as James’s band Red Hook were 2nd to last on the bill. They played 2 brilliant covers of the Jurassic Park Theme and Men At Work’s Land Down Under.

Let It Be

Let It Be The Beatles theatre musical UK tour in London

One of James’s birthday presents from me was tickets to see Let It Be which finally came into London this week on its tour of the UK. I’d seen it before a few years ago and it was just as much fun as I remembered! I’ve seen quite a few Beatle tributes, but I was so impressed with Let It Be’s Ringo as my experience is that he’s usually the fat old guy sat on the drums that sounds nothing like Starr. This Ringo had his perfect low tones! We all know Ringo is my favourite ❤ McCartney was pretty spot on too. You forget you’re sat in a theatre in 2016!

To Kill A Mockingbird

To Kill A Mocking Bird Live Local Theatre Production

I’ve never read the book or even seen the film, but last night I found myself at the Geoffrey Whitworth Theatre down in Crayford watching a local production of To Kill A Mockingbird . It was really, very good. The performances were so strong, you forgot you were watching amateurs. The book and film have just been bumped a few places up my To Read/Watch lists!

So that was my week. Show me your favourite moments over the last 7 days by using #HumpDayHigh5 across Twitter and Instagram!

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