Hump Day High 5

Hump Day High 5!

Bonjourno and welcome to this week’s #HumpDayHigh5!

Big Moe’s Diner

Big Moe's Diner chicken burger London food blogger

Wednesday was a day of goodbyes, firstly with my office buddy Chi. We bid her farewell with a big tasty lunch at Big Moe’s Diner. The food was delicious, especially my ginormous butterscotch milkshake! I’m going to miss Chi, a lot, but I wish her all the best with her new job. We’ve got plans to make plans for burgers very soon, so keep an eye out!

Farewell Charlie

Wahaca London Food Blogger

This is it, Charlie is finally off on her 3 months of travelling this week. Erica and I joined Charlie for a ‘see you soon’ dinner at Wahaca before we headed off on our own mini holiday. You can’t go wrong with Wahaca, it always hits the spot, and they do THE best sweet potatoes, ever! Sending all the good luck vibes to Charlie as she embarks on her journey. I can’t wait to read all about what she gets up to on her blog!

We Be Roman Around

Travel blogger Vatican City Rome Italy

You may have noticed over on Instagram that Erica & I went on a little adventure this past weekend. We started with 2 nights in Rome, which was lovely but it did seem a wee bit run down and not quite what we were expecting. Also, what’s with all the terracotta?! The highlight was definitely visiting the Vatican, which is its own country! There were beautiful paintings all over the humongous walls and even the ceilings, and don’t get me started on the pretty floor tiles.


Travel blogger Vencie river boat water bus City view Italy

I have dreamt about visiting Venice for goodness knows how many years, but it finally happened! There were tears in my eyes as we walked out of the train station and straight onto the water front. This city is the most amazingly beautiful place I have ever been. Every corner you turn, there are cute bridges with intricate details and pretty windows lined with flowers. I cannot wait to revisit and spend more time in the floating city.


Burano Island Italy Venice Travel Blogger Bright Colourful Painted Yellow House

On Sunday we took the water bus out to a little island called Burano. This island is famed for making lace and for also having brightly painted houses, and boy were they bright! There were all the colours of the rainbow in all different vibrant shades. It’s a tiny island so there’s not much to actually do, but there are a couple of places to eat and some souvenir shops which mostly stocked Burano lace. It’s a lovely little spot for a colourful stroll. We spent our day trying to decide which house we’d most like to live in! This yellow one is my favourite.

So that was my week. Don’t worry, there’ll be plenty more to come on Rome and Venice! Show me your favourite moments over the last 7 days by using#HumpDayHigh5 across Twitter and Instagram!

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9 thoughts on “Hump Day High 5!

  1. Rome has always been pretty high on my Italy list but after all your instagrams Venice has definitely topped it! Dinner soon so you can tell me all about it please?! xx


  2. I am so jealous of your Rome/Venice holiday!!! I love both cities and it’s been ages since I’ve gone. I love the lido in Venice, a smaller island with a lovely beach 🙂


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