February’s Top 10 Best Bits

Can’t believe I forgot all about my top 10 from February!!

10. Tame Impala @Ally Pally

Tame Impala Live Band at Alexandra Palace Ally Pally London Music Blogger

I finally got to see Australian psychedelic rockers Tame Impala. I was a wee bit apprehensive as I’d heard mixed things about them live, but they were ruddy amazing!! They kicked off their show with confetti for Let It Happen, and had the dreamiest lighting with pretty pinks and blues. I was a bit disappointed they didn’t play ‘I’m a Man’, but maybe next time…

9. Handel/Hendrix Flat

Handel Hendrix London Flat in Mayfair Bedroom Exhibition Blogger

I surprised James with a visit to Jimi Hendrix’s old flat. They’ve done up his old bedroom to look exactly as it did when he lived there 50 years ago. The only original item is the oval mirror above the fireplace, everything else has been replicated using photos, and there are a lot of photos/videos of his London living quarters. This was because a lot of his photo shoots and interviews took place in his flat. Hendrix wasn’t the only well-known occupant on Brook Street. Classical musician Handel had previously lived in the flat next door nearly 300 years ago. They’ve made the 2 flats into 1 walk through exhibition about both artists. I’d highly recommend booking tickets if you’re a fan of either.

8. Belgo Holborn’s relaunch.

Belgo Holborn Relaunch Opening London Food Blogger

I was lucky enough to be invited along as Erica’s +1 to Belgo Holborn’s relaunch. They’d recently gone through a refurb and were celebrating with a new menu which we got to try. There was plenty of beer to help us wash down mussels, prawns and of course, waffles! You can read my full post on our night here!

7. Reunited & it feels so good!

Queen of Hoxton Hot cocktails on the Rooftop London Food Blogger

I took my Aussie friend Julie for dinner at Poppies for some traditional fish & chips. It was absolutely scrumptious. It had been 4 years since we last saw each other so we had a lot of catching up to do. Before our meal, we headed up to the rooftop of the Queen of Hoxton for some warm winter cocktails. You may remember I visited this rooftop bar back in November.

6. Tom’s Kitchen

Tom's Kitchen St Katherine Docks eggs royale and avocado brunch London food blogger

After the fiasco of trying to use Emerald Street’s 2-4-2 brunch vouchers at Heddon Street Kitchen, I was a little apprehensive about our brunch date at Tom’s Kitchen. I needn’t have worried as they have a big selection on their menu to choose from. I went for eggs royal with an extra side of avocado, whist James went for a burger so big he couldn’t even finish it all. I can’t wait to go back  and get my chocolate on! You can read my full post here.

5. Pub Quiz

King Eddie's Pub Quiz London Blogger

My housemates and I had one last hangout before I moved out. We headed just around the corner to King Eddie‘s for their weekly pub quiz. We don’t get to hang out much altogether as we all have busy lifestyles and various working hours. I’ll miss these guys, but I shan’t be moving too far so I’m sure I’ll be a regular visitor!

4. The End of Longing

The End of Longing London West End Theatre Play Show Matthew Perry Chandler Bing Friends

We celebrated Leap Year with big messy chicken burgers at MEATliquor, a cheeky pint at The Sherlock Holmes and taking our seats at the Playhouse Theatre to watch Matthew Perry live on stage in a show that he also wrote, The End of Longing. Chandler Bing is our favourite character in Friends, so you can imagine just how giddy we were!!

3. The Henry Root

The Henry Root poached eggs royale salmon London food blogger

Throughout February, Emerald Street were offering 2-4-1 brunch vouchers to be used at various establishments around London. I managed to use these vouchers 3 times over 3 consecutive weeks. My first visit was to The Henry Root in Chelsea, and it was pretty amazing. They do quite possibly the best hot chocolate I’ve ever tasted. After our early brunch we headed to Frock Me’s Vintage Fair to scour the rails for some bargains. Check out my outfit of the day!

2. Bangarang gets arty

Lumas art gallery London launch

The Bangarang girls & I were invited along to Lumas Gallery’s launch of their new art for everyone project, Art Now. This was the first time in a long while that most of us had been in the same place at once! Before heading to the gallery we caught up over pints in the Iron Duke pub just down the road and some of us had some Secret Santa present swapping to do! Having made our way downstairs into the gallery, we were welcomed with flutes of champagne, arty cakes, iced gems and plenty of sweeties. We were free to have a wander around and take in the art. Lumas’s new project makes art affordable and convenient for everyone. Each picture costs £24,  and comes with an array of options for presenting it around your home; on a stand, in a hanging frame or put on the fridge using the built in magnet. There are lots of different designs, so you’re bound to find something you like, whether it’s smooching Storm Troopers, Finely dressed woodland creatures or pop art cities. I had such a fab night with these beautiful ladies, I’m so happy to call them my friends! Charlie’s post sums up all my feels brilliantly!

1. The Rock Off Challenge!

Rock Off Challenge Gig at The Pipeline Tone Key Entertainment Music London Blogger

My housemate Tony and friend Kiran have started their own music promotion company. They put on their own battle of the bands style gig; they called it The Rock Off Challenge. I’m such a great girlfriend, I managed to get James and his band Red Hook in on the action. They would be going up against fellow heavy metallers With A Vengeance. It was a close one but Red Hook, who played an amazing cover of Abba’s ‘Gimme Gimme Gimme’, just nabbed the winning spot! I am so incredibly proud of James and the Red Hook boys, and also of Tony and Kiran for planning and organising such a brilliant event. Here’s to the next!

So that was my February. What did you get up to?


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