Tinseltown, Gants Hill

Me and the bro finally, FINALLY visited Tinseltown in Gants Hill. We spotted it the day I moved in to my new place and vowed we’d explore their menu together.

Tinseltown Gants Hill Halal Diner London Food Blogger

Tinseltown Gants Hill Halal Diner Menu London Food Blogger

Inside, it’s bright and colourful with sunshine yellow tables, the greenest of green tables, framed photos of various celebs hung up all over the place, and Beyonce shaking her thang on the big tv screens. My brother was already inside perusing the menu which features quite an extensive selection of the most delicious sounding milkshakes. The thing I loved most about Tinseltown was that all mains come with a side and dip. This certainly keeps the costs down! The one thing I didn’t love about Tinseltown was the extremely slow service. We’d been sat at our table for a good 15 minutes waiting to be served when it occurred to me; maybe it’s a self-serve type of restaurant whereby you must make your order at the till. So I sent Joff up to give in our orders, but he came wandering back over, accompanied by a member of staff who eventually took our drinks order. The staff here don’t appear to be attentive, at all. They don’t come over to see if you’re ready to order, or to check that everything is okay with your meal. You basically have to wave them over like a crazy person, or physically get up and ask one of them to come over. Any member of staff that we did order through was very friendly and pleasant to talk to though, so I’m not too sure why they don’t want to approach customers who clearly want to eat all the food!

Anyway, back to the good stuff. FOOD!

Tinseltown Gants Hill Hala Diner Milhshake and Smoothie London Food Blogger

I finally made the decision to go for the Peanut Butter Brownie Sensation milkshake which was truly the best thing I’ve ever tasted! Put it on a drip and just hook me up please. There was no doubt it had peanut butter in it, and mixed with the brownie, it was very rich and moreish. The Bro went for the Life’s A Peach smoothie which was just peachy (pardon the pun!). Perfectly creamy and delightfully fruity.

Tinseltown Gants Hill halal Diner garlic chicken burger and fries chips London food blogger

Tinseltown Gants Hill halal Diner Cheese hot dog and fries chips London food blogger

Our food didn’t take long to arrive at all! I went for the OMG garlic chicken burger with a side of fries. I originally wanted the OMG garlic mayo but was told they were running low so they were saving their last drops for the burgers that really needed it. Instead, I went for a pot of BBQ sauce. My burger was fresh with a light, fluffy bun and all the salad trimmings. It could’ve done with more garlic mayo on the chicken breast but as they were running low, I made do. Joff went for the cheese dog which was humongous! Topped with cheese and burger sauce, he really seemed to enjoy this hot dog.

We were truly stuffed, but we soldiered on and ordered dessert!

Tinseltown Gants Hill Hala Diner Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake Dessert London Food Blogger

Tinseltown Gants Hill Hala Diner Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake Dessert London Food Blogger

Before I’d even had a chance to capture Joff’s Liberty cheesecake, drizzled with chocolate sauce, he had wolfed it down, so I can only assume it was good! I’d gone for more PB goodness with the Hollywood Nut Sensation. This was made up of layers of chocolate flavoured sponge, peanut butter cream, doused in toffee sauce and topped with peanuts. It was light and delicious so it didn’t make me feel too overstuffed.

Apart from the lack of service, we had some great food and even better drinks. Their food is also halal, so can be enjoyed by even more! I can’t wait to go back and try out some more of their milkshakes!


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