Hump Day High 5

Hump Day High 5!

It’s been a pretty quiet week but with some super happy things!

Sutton & Sons

Sutton and Sons Fish and Chips in Hackney London Food Blogger

Fellow Bangarang babe, Katy, was invited along to Sutton & Sons launch of their new place in Hackney so I tagged along as her +1. We were treated to some lush fish and chips, and we even got to try a battered and fried KitKat Chunky. I can confirm, it was ruddy delicious!!

Handel & Hendrix

Handel and Hendrix Flat Brook Street Mayfair Exhibition London Lifestyle Blogger

I was invited along by Joe Blogs to check out Jimi Hendrix’s old flat in Mayfair on Saturday. I’d already treated The Boyf to tickets to this earlier this year, but I knew he’d definitely be up for another visit. Look out for his post on my blog soon!

Summer Beers!

Summer Beer London Food Blogger

The sunshine is finally showing its big, bright face in London again! This means we can start enjoying drinks out in the sunshine, and this is exactly what we did over the weekend. Here’s to many more (even though it’s currently raining whilst I type…).

Grease Live

Grease Live Netflix Musical Blogger

I wasn’t feeling too well on Saturday night, so I popped on my pyjamas and stuck on Grease Live on Netflix. My goodness it is good. Like really good! I loved it! If you’ve got Netflix and love Grease then you definitely need to get on it!

Springsteen @ Wembley Stadium

Bruce Springsteen Live at Wembley Stadium 2016 London Music Blogger

I’d never seen Bruce live before but I’d heard such great things. Tickets to see him are quite pricey but you definitely get your monies worth. He was on stage for around 4 hours. You’d think watching one person for this long would drag on, but it really didn’t! It definitely felt like summer had arrived as it was the first outdoor gig of the year. Here’s hoping the weather sticks around for Field Day festival next week!

See what I got up to last week. What have been your #HumpDayHigh5 moments from the past 7 days?


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