March’s Top 10 Best Bits

Ello! I am REALLY behind with my monthly posts! Sorry guys. Most of you know I’ve had a tough couple of months but I’m slow getting back on track. Today, I present to you my top 10 favourite things from March!

10) Big Musical Marathon Gig The Big Musical Marathon Gig for Big Issue Foundation Charity London Music Blogger

I have the greatest friends to be proud of. My mate Lucy organised a 12 hour gig in a pub in Barkingside all in the name of charity. There were 12 acts each playing a set every hour from midday to midnight. All proceeds from the event went to The Big Issue. James and the other Red Hook boys had secured themselves a spot after winning the Rock Off Challenge last month. They played a wicked set which included covers of the Jurassic Park Theme and Men At Work’s ‘Land Down Under’. I’m so proud of Lucy as it was such a great event!

9) To Kill A Mockingbird

To Kill A Mockingbird Theatre Show London Blogger

One night after work I popped down to Dartford to the Geoffrey Whitworth Theatre. This is a little theatre that I have heard rave reviews about their local productions (mainly from James and his family), so I was looking forward to my first visit. I was also excited to see To Kill A Mockingbird as I have neither read the book or watched the film. It was such a compelling story and the acting (and accents) were superb.

8) Hairspray

Once a month, POP Picturehouse take over the downstairs area of the Hard Rock Cafe for an immersive film screening. Last month (well March) it was Hairspray remake starring Zac Efron and John Travolta. Yelp had managed to secure a little area for some Yelpers and I was lucky enough to get my brother and I tickets for the screening. It was a lot of fun with 3 actors dressed as Tracey, Mrs Turnblad and Link walking around and interacting with the crowd before the film started. They also got up on stage and mimed & danced along to a couple of the songs during the film. It gave the evening a great little twist and I loved it!


7) A Good Friday back home

London the Cat in a Venice Straw Gondola Hat

I took James down to my hometown of Luton for his first visit. Before heading into town we played with (tortured) with the cats at my parents. We then met up with some of my old school friends and had drinks at Whitehouse followed by a game of bowling and burgers upstairs in the Galaxy. It was such a good night of catch-ups and introducing James to my childhood friends. The following day I took him to Greenfields for a late breakfast. Wardown Museum was shut for refurbishment, so I couldn’t show him the history of Luton. Maybe next time.

6) Let It Be

The Beatles Let It Be Musical Theatre London Blogger

One of James’s birthday presents from me was tickets to see Let It Be at the New Wimbledon Theatre. I’d seen it before so I knew what to expect, but if you haven’t managed to catch it yet, it’s basically a Beatles tribute show. There is a live band and each member plays a different Beatle. They all dress up and sing, speak and act exactly like Paul, John, George and Ringo. There are also a few costume changes as they work their way through the Fab 4’s hits. One tip I have for any theatre goers is to book the cheapest tickets for a Monday night. If the show isn’t as popular as most, then chances are your seats will be moved forward so you end up with a better view, or if there are lots of free seats in front, you can usually get away with moving forward yourself in the interval. Theatres don’t like to have lots of empty seats at the front so they move audience members so all the empties are at the back or on the upper levels where they’re not seen.

5) Dirty Bones

Bangarang London Food Bloggers

To wish Charlie bon voyage before she left for 3 months of travelling, the Bangarang ladies & I gathered for dinner at Dirty Bones in Kingly Court. I’d never been here before, but was excited to get me some chicken and waffles. It sounds like an odd combo, especially when it also comes with maple syrup, but it was divine! This was the perfect send-off with many, MANY cocktails. I’ll definitely be going back to try out their brunch with unlimited prosecco!

4) Egg & Crockery

Egg and Crockery Breakfast Cafe Gants Hill London Food Blogger

This little cafe had caught my eye since the day I came to look around my now new home. It looks like the type of hipster place you’d find down Brick Lane, but instead, here it is in Gants Hill. We finally found a weekend to visit Egg and Crockery for breakfast and it’s quickly becoming my regular. The food is delicious (the fried eggs with red onions smashed into the avocado is scrumptious!) and the service is so lovely and friendly. They also have a great selection of smoothies and juices, plus the wonderful waitress is very helpful and will suggest other flavours to add.

3) Easter Weekend

Easter Egg Hunt Chocolate London Food Blogger

James & I had a busy Easter weekend. Easter Sunday was spent at his Grandparents house with all his family. There was an egg hunt in the garden followed by fun & games in between food and drinks. There was Name the Celeb, Sew a Chick and also various quizzes (we won the music round!). Easter Monday was much of the same, this time with my family. My cousin Anne has recently moved over from Ireland, so she put on a lovely spread and even made a delicious lasagne! James & I were in charge of hiding 100+ chocolate eggs around the garden. We finished the evening with Disney Trivial Pursuit. There was also, obviously, lots of chocolate eaten across both days.

2) Moved

Moving van packed up to move house home in London

I did it, I finally did it! After 5 and a half years, I moved outta Stratford not too far away to Gants Hill. This was a pretty big step for me, but I’m glad I’ve done it. I just needed a change and what a lovely change it is. It’s been challenging setting up my new room, but I think I’m happy with how it looks now. I’ve still some more bits to buy (like a desk!) but I’m having fun exploring my new area.

1) Italy

Vatican City Rome Italy, Travel Blogger

The big news of the month is that Erica & I went on a little rendezvous to Italy. We started with 2 nights in Rome, where we even got to visit the Vatican City, followed by 2 nights in Venice. I have been dreaming about visiting Venice for as long as I can remember. It is even more beautiful than I ever imagined. We also took the water bus over to another little island called Burano which is full of the brightest most colourful houses I’ve ever seen! We were both so SO sad to leave, but have both vowed to go back to Venice in the not too distant future. You can read more on our trip by clicking the links in bold.


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