Hump Day High 5

Hump Day High 5!

Gutten tag! I’m back from Berlin so expect to see a couple of highlights in this week’s Hump Day High 5. Also keep your eyes peeled for a full post coming soon!


Computerspielemuseum Video Computer Game Museum Berlin Travel Blog Blogger

Holidaying with 6 boys was bound to bring lots of male oriented activities, but I’m not your typical girl (then again who really is these days!) so this suited me down to a T, especially when it involves Dance Mats and Pac-man! I didn’t spot any Bomber Man unfortunately, but if you’re a bit of a video game lover, and happen to find yourself in Berlin, I’d definitely recommend getting yourself over to the Computerspielemuseum.

White Trash

White Trash Fast Food Berlin Octopus Burger Travel Blog Blogger

For our last night in Berlin, we grabbed dinner and drinks at White Trash, a burger joint/cocktail bar/rock music venue/tattoo parlour/pinball arcade. I’d been recommended a visit by both Katie and Haydn. The boys loved it, with James even taking the plunge and ordering the octopus burger, so thanks girls for the suggestion!! I’d return to Berlin just to come back here, it’s so awesome!

TV Tower

View of Berlin from the Fernsehturm TV Tower Travel Blog Blogger

As the boys all headed to the airport to catch a flight to Budapest, I had a couple of hours spare to explore Berlin one last time before I caught my own flight, back home. The TV Tower (or Fernsehturm as the locals call it) is such a prominent feature in the City centre, I decided I just had to get up inside it! It looks ridiculously high and can even be seen from the airport runway when you land, but inside it didn’t actually feel like I was up that high. I mean, I was definitely very much high up, but just not as much as I was expecting. If you do decide to visit, I’d suggest walking as close to the windows as possible as it does feel a bit queasy walking around the centre of the viewing platform.

My Favourite Sale

My Favourite Sale Launch Afternoon Tea Party at Home House London Blog Blogger

I spent Saturday afternoon, along with Erica, Claire and Emma, at the amazing Home House for My Favourite Sale’s launch. We started with drinks at the extraordinary bar, followed by an intro and presentation all about who MFS are, and finishing with some afternoon tea, sandwiches, cute cakes and even a bit of sushi. I’ll I have more on My Favourite Sale very soon!

Secret Cinema

Secret Cinema Movie Film Dirty Dancing Camera Photos London Blog Blogger

Sunday was very exciting as Kev & I were transported back to 1963 for Secret Cinema’s screening of Dirty Dancing! There were plenty of dance classes to join in on, volley ball to play, and we even managed to sneak into the staff quarters! So. Much. Fangirling! This is my 3rd time attending Secret Cinema (remember Back to the Future? And not forgetting Star Wars!) and I’ve loved each time. Even though the ticket prices are a bit steep at around £67, it is definitely worth it if you’re a fan of the film they’re playing, and you’re up for dressing up and taking part in the activities. I can’t wait to see what they’ve got planned for next year!

See what I got up to last week.

What have been your #HumpDayHigh5 moments from the past 7 days?


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