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May Gig Round-Up

Wanna know who I saw in May? Wonder no more!!

We Are Scientists @ Koko

We Are Scientists Band Live at Koko Camden London Music Blogger

We Are Scientists are probably my favourite band. As soon as they announce a live show, I am straight on that ticket website getting my tickets. Their shows are actually great value for money as not only do you get the awesome live music, but you also get some great comedy in between the songs. Those Scientists boys are a funny couple of dudes. I mean one of their new band t-shirts features a black cat with a fag hanging out its mouth (totally bought myself one, BTW!).

David Duchovny @ Union Chapel

David Duchovny Agent Fox Mulder X Files Live Music Blog Blogger

One part of James’s birthday present from me back in January was tickets to see Agent Mulder play live at Union Chapel. The day had finally arrived! Duchovny’s music career isn’t much to rant and rave about, unfortunately. He’s an alright singer, but nothing too special. He is very entertaining on stage though, interacting with the crowd and making jokes, and he even came out in a kilt for his encore. It was my first time at Union Chapel and my goodness, it is beautiful inside!

Lail Ard @ Chats Palace

Lail Arad Female Singer Live at Chats Palace Hackney London Music Blogger

It’s no secret, I have a MASSIVE girl crush on Lail ever since that night I heard her talking at the table next to me in an Islington bar about her new album. The first time I ever saw her play live was at St Pancras Church, and even though this location wasn’t quite as beautiful, it was still a gorgeous set. She played an amazing Bob Dylan cover which gave me goosebumps, all over!

The Joy Formidable @ Oval Space *

The Joy Formidable Band Live at Oval Space Jukely gig London Music Blogger

Nuraan & I had kinda half seen The Joy Formidable live before. By this I mean we once went to Reading and sat outside the tent they were playing inside and watched from the screen. They popped up on Jukely (use code JUKECE1 for £10 off your first month) and knew we HAD to be there. They were awesome! I do love me a rocking front woman, especially one who can rock out in the prettiest of dresses!

X-Posure @ Barfly *

Dead Buttons Band Live Drummer Barfly Camden for Radio X London Music Blogger

Another fab gig popped up on Jukely, this time for Radio X’s monthly stint at the Barfly in Camden. Each month they host an X-Posure gig with some new up-and-coming bands. This night was headlined by Man of Moon, but it was one of the last minute support acts that really got us excited. Dead Buttons are like an Asian version of our own rock duo, Royal Blood. They had loud riffs, thrashing drums and bluesy voices. I really REALLY like these guys and hope that they’ll come back and play some more in London soon!

Gigs marked with a * are those which I got passes for through Jukely. You can get £10 off your first month by using my special code: JUKECE1

Did you manage to make it to any of these gigs? Or maybe you saw someone else. I’d love to hear in the comments below!

You can catch April’s gig round-ups here, and be sure to read all about why I go to so many gigs.


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