May’s Top 10 Best Bits

I will eventually catch up, I promise, but for now, here’s May’s top 10 best bits! It was an extremely tough month, like the worst month ever, but through it all I’ve managed to find some good things scattered around the heartbreak.

10) Lail Arad @ Chats Palace

Lail Arad Female Singer Live at Chats Palace Hackney London Music Blogger

This was our 2nd time seeing Lail Arad live since that night back in June last year when we were sat with mutual friends and she was talking about finishing up her album. The very same album that she was launching this fine night in May. It’s been lovely to catch her in some lovely intimate venues, but I’ve a feeling we won’t for much longer!

9) Joy Formidable @ Oval Space

The Joy Formidable Band Live at Oval Space Jukely gig London Music Blogger

I love when a band I already know and love pop up on Jukely (use code JUKECE1 for £10 off your first month!). Don’t get me wrong, Jukely has been great for introducing me to some amazing new artists, but it’s always nice to see a name I recognise. Nuraan & I had narrowly missed out on seeing The Joy Formidable at Reading Festival a few years ago, so we knew we just had to be at Oval Space. They played a great set, interacting with the crowd between songs. I admire a front woman who can rock out in such a cute dress!

8) Sunny Afternoon

London Theatre Show Sunny AFternoon The Kinks

This was my 2nd time seeing Sunny Afternoon this year! Our first visit was part of my birthday present, but this time we were celebrating James’s brother’s birthday. I enjoyed it so much the first time, I was more than happy to go back and see it again less than 6 months later. Even if you’re not too familiar with The Kinks’ music, I’d still highly recommend getting tickets as the story is great and the costumes & set design are fab too. You’ll probably be surprised just how many of their songs you recognise!

7) We Are Scientists @ Koko

We Are Scientists Band Live at Koko Camden London Music Blogger

I love We Are Scientists! I love their ridiculous music videos. I love their catchy tunes. I love Keith’s beautiful face. I love that Chris will casually just drink a bottle of red wine to himself during their set. This is the 1 band that I never hesitate to buy tickets to see. I’m always far too excited to wait until pay day or to check if I can actually find a friend to come along with me first before buying 2 tickets. I already have tickets to see them again at this year’s Hackney Wonderland festival and I can’t wait because I’ll get to wear my WAS t-shirt featuring a black cat smoking a cigarette. This is just the type of band these guys are. None of their songs have anything to do with cats, or in fact any animal puffing on a fag, but it’s for some reason the design on their latest tour merchandise!

6) New Breakfast Club in Hackney Wick

Breakfast Club Hackney Wick Launch London Food Blogger

The Breakfast Club have a new café in Hackney Wick, right by the canal and I managed to get tickets for their launch weekend which included 50% off food. I’m a big fan of the Breakfast Club, even choosing to celebrate my last birthday with them. You can read my full review of their new location here.

5) Dead Buttons @ Barfly

Dead Buttons Band Live Drummer Barfly Camden for Radio X London Music Blogger

Remember last month how I was more impressed by the support than the main act? Well, it happened again! I’d grabbed Nuraan & I passes to see Man Of Moon play at Barfly as part of Radio X’s monthly X-Posure show. It was the band that were added to the line-up at the last minute that we couldn’t stop talking about afterwards. Dead Buttons are made up of just 2 South Korean guys, but goodness do they make one hell of a beautiful racket! They reminded me a little bit of Royal Blood, with just a touch more blues. I really hope they come back and play in London again soon!

4) Valentines Park

Valentines Park in Gants Hill London Sunset

Valentine’s Park became my new favourite place to just go and clear my head during May. It’s such a beautiful place, even in the dreary drizzle. I love the gorgeous lakes, the little pathways through the big blossoming bushes, and the big open spaces. There’s also a lot of wildlife to be found here too. I’ve spotted a fox casually strolling through the park and James made friends with a family of geese who like to waddle around together. Nature works wonders when dealing with the loss of a loved one.

3) Luton Sleepover

Luton Town pretty country nature walk green trees bushes


I popped home one weekend for a sleepover with my hometown bestie, Jess, and her husband Adam. We started with a brisk dog walk up a big hill where we found some adorable horses. It was just like the old days. We ordered pizza, watched a silly Adam Sandler film and played Harry Potter Top Trumps.

2) Amsterdam

Amsterdam Travel Blog Blogger Architecture Bike Bicycle River Canal

I was a little hesitant about still taking our trip to Amsterdam as we were flying out just 2 days after Amy’s passing, but it actually turned out to be perfect timing. It was great to get away somewhere new to distract and clear my head. We had the most amazing Airbnb with a lovely little kitty for us to look after over the weekend. I really loved walking along the canals and we even managed a little boat trip. I’d definitely go back again. There’ll be a full post on the blog soon, but you can catch a little sneak peek in my OOTD from day 1.

1) Bangarang Night!

Bangarang London Lifestyle Food Blogger Bloggers Best Friends

We finally managed to get all 10 of us Bangarang ladies (well sort of, Charlie was linked in via facetime) together at once! This has never happened, so it was all very exciting. We also inducted Leanne, so now we’re 11 strong. We drank all the prosecco, ate all of the pizza and enjoyed all of the laughs. The last few months would’ve been so much harder if I didn’t have the support from these absolute babes! Bangarang forever ❤

What did you get up to in May?


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