Hump Day High 5

Hump Day High 5!

I am currently sat in the corner of my room next to the door so I can make a swift exit as I spotted a wasp in my room about 2 hours ago but it’s gone into hiding. If you’re reading this then it means I survived*. Anyway, here’s this week’s Hump Day High 5!

Dinner with Denise

SongQue Shoreditch Vietnamese Spring Rolls London Food Blog Blogger

My dear friend Denise is back living in London so we caught up over some Vietnamese at SongQue. Now I’ve cheated a bit with the photo above as I actually took this during my last visit last year. We were just so deep in our catch up conversation, as well as very hungry, that I didn’t even think about taking a quick snap. I love that Denise is back and I can’t wait for many more dinner dates together.

Missoni Art Colour @ The Fashion & Textile Museum

Missoni Art Colour at the Fashion and Textile Museum London Blog Blogger

Time Out were doing some private view tickets of Missoni: Art Colour at The Fashion & Textile Museum, including a complimentary bottle of Peroni to sip on whilst we made our way through the woolly exhibition, so I grabbed a pair and brought Milly along with me. I wasn’t too familiar with Missoni before the event, but since seeing their wonderfully patterned knitwear in bright, bold colours, I’ve become their biggest fan! The exhibition unfortunately finished on Sunday, but it looks like the F&T museum have plenty more to come.

Donegal Fudge

Man of Aran Fudge Taste of Donegal Ireland Food Blog Blogger

Remember my trip to Ireland last weekend? Well I completely forgot about the box of fudge I bought from Man Of Aran at A Taste of Donegal Food Festival. I ate it all over Friday night/Saturday morning and regret nothing. It was so creamy and absolutely delicious. Good news for you guys as you can order online! The flavours I had were the Tiger Fudge (original vanilla), Peanut butter, White Chocolate and Chocolate Orange.


Friends Fest TV Show Central Perk London Lifestyle Blogger

On Sunday I went along to Friends Fest at Chiswick House with my Mum, The Boyf and his brother. After seeing some of the other Bangarang girls Snapchats from their visit a few weeks ago, I was really excited. However, after spending 45 minutes waiting just to access Monica’s apartment, my excitement dwindled. It was fun and so great to see all of the sets, but spending 75% of our time at the event in queues was not fun. I’m also not so sure it was worth the £25 price tag each but I’m still glad we got to go and experience Central Perk.

Dinner with The Bro

Gourmet Burger Kitchen Chicken Satay Dinner London Food Blog Blogger

My brother recently got a new job and treated me to dinner with his first pay cheque. We went to GBK at Stratford Westfield City where I had the chicken satay burger, sweet potato fries with baconnaise (I don’t even really like bacon but this stuff is gooood!) and a lime milkshake. I was pleasantly stuffed!

See what I got up to last week.

What have been your #HumpDayHigh5 moments from the past 7 days?

*I enticed the wasp out from hiding with a plate of peanut butter. Turns out the little bugger was already dying so we put it out of it’s misery and I reclaimed my room.


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