June’s Top 10 Best Bits

One day I’ll catch up with all my blog posts, but for now let’s go back 3 months to June’s best bits.

10. Drake & Morgan

Drake and Morgan Kings Cross Restaurant Review London Food Blog Blogger

I was lucky enough to be invited along as Erica’s +1 for lunch at Drake and Morgan near St Pancras. I don’t tend to venture this way so it was a lovely change. We sipped on some delicious cocktails and ate some really good grub! It was fab to catch up with Erica and we both fell in love with Drake and Morgan’s décor – hello cake table!! You can read Erica’s review here!

9. Handel & Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix Flat London Blog Blogger
As I unfortunately could not attend a secret gig put on by BGO, they instead asked if I’d like to visit Handel & Hendrix on Brook Street. We’d already been in February, but we loved it so much, we couldn’t wait to go back. It covers both Handel’s house at number 23 and Hendrix’s flat just next door at number 25, where they have recreated Jimi’s bedroom to look exactly as it did back when he lived there in the 60’s. You can read my full post here.

8. Sutton & Sons

Sutton & Sons Batter KitKat Chocolate Bar London Food Blog Blogger

The ever so lovely Little Miss Katy invited me along as her +1 (I must be great company being so many people’s +1’s!) to try out Sutton & Sons new joint in Hackney. We were treated to a selection of bites from their menu, including white bait, prawns, cod & chips, and even a battered and fried Kit Kat, which was actually deeeeeelicious! I’d never had a fried chocolate bar before, but I loved it!

7. Live Music

Adam and the Ants Band Live at Brixton Academy 2016 London Music Blogger

June was quite the month for live music, with the first outdoor gig of the year for Bruce Springsteen at Wembley Stadium, who played The River all the way through along with some extra hits at the end. The following week I saw another legend; Adam and the Ants played their album Kings of the Wild Frontier in full with extra songs at the end too. See what other artists I caught in June.

6. Bloggers Breakfast

Blogger Breakfast with Farfetch at Boundary Rooftop in East London

Luxury fashion site, Farfetch, had organised a wonderful breakfast for a selection of bloggers up on Boundary’s rooftop. I was lucky enough to have gotten an invite. We got to find out more about who Farfetch are, as well as talk about our own blogs and how we prefer to work with brands. You can read my full post here.

5. I Am Beautiful Event

Giorgia Lanuzza Psoriasis sufferer Bikini

Giorgia suffers from psoriasis and has joined forces with Exorex to start a new campaign called I Am Beautiful. They want to promote beauty in everyone and asked photographer Brock Elbank to get involved with a shoot where Giorgia bared all in just a bikini, fully showing off her condition. It was such a lovely and inspiring evening, and you can read my full post here.

4. Silver Shiny Shoes

Shiny Party OOTD Outfit of the Day London Fashion Blog Blogger

I recently won an Office and Grazia competition on instagram, where the prize was a pair of Office shoes every month. June’s pair was these fabulous silver shiny shoes which I got to showcase at a party. How frigging cute are these babies?! You can see my full outfit details here.

3. Field Day

Field Day Festival 2016 London Music Blog Blogger

After having such a great time at Field Day last year with Amy, I was excited to go back, this time for both days. Some of this year’s highlights were Meilyr Jones, Nimmo, John Grant and Coves. The headline act for Sunday was PJ Harvey, but she was just a bit too serious for me, so Tim & I partied it up in the Jaeger house to djs playing 90s hits. I love Field Day, because it means I can hope on a tube a couple of stops and be snuggled in bed within half an hour. Bring on next year!

2. Copenhagen

Copenhagen Little Mermaid Statue Travel Blog Blogger

I popped over to Copenhagen for 2 nights with some of my cousins. We were also joined by my Nan, Great Aunties, and even more cousins from Ireland. Nyhavn was definitely my favourite part with all the colourful buildings and boats along the canal. I’ll have a full post on the blog soon.

1. Saying Goodbye

Moby Dick Mini Crazy Golf Sunset through Waterfall

I had to do the most difficult thing I have ever had to do; say goodbye to my best friend. It was such a beautiful day, and the church was absolutely packed with her loved ones, all wearing wonderful colours. We gave her the perfect send off with a game of crazy golf as the sun set. I could just imagine her up above laughing her head off at Brendan hitting the ball into the water 10 times!

What were your June highlights?

See what I got up to in May.


3 thoughts on “June’s Top 10 Best Bits

  1. Really fantastic post! Thank you for sharing all these experiences. I’m new to your blog, so I have to ask, what’s your job? (Because the events you have gone to here sound amazing). One of my June Top 10s was having the opportunity to be in Poland when they played Ukraine during the Eurocup. Warsaw went absolutely crazy when Poland won, and the whole city was lit up with Polish colours and flashy messages to celebrate the victory.


    1. Oh thanks you and welcome 🙂 I work as a boring admin assistant in a hospital, but living in London means there is always something fun happening!
      Oh wow, that sounds awesome! Must have been lovely to see the country come alive!

      Liked by 1 person

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