Hump Day High 5

Hump Day High 5!

This past week has mostly been about getting myself back on my feet. My meds have finally settled and I’ve been feeling much better, as well as ready to get back out on the tube. So, after a slightly busier week, here’s my top 5 best bits!

Romeo & Juliet

National Youth Theatre's Romeo & Juliet credit Helen Murray

On Wednesday evening I was invited along to the Ambassadors Theatre to watch the National Youth Theatre‘s production of Romeo & Juliet. It was a great show with some fantastic performances. I particularly loved that this well known story was set in the 1950s. I’ll have a full review coming to the blog soon!

The Libertine

Dominic Cooper in The Libertine West End Theatre London Blog Blogger

This seemed to be my week for theatre shows as I was also invited to check out Dominic Cooper’s performance in The Libertine at the Theatre Royal Haymarket. I’d never seen the film, but I did know that the Earl of Rochester (played superbly by Cooper) was quite the playboy. The show is only on until the 3rd December, so get your tickets quick! I’ll have a full review on the blog later this week.

Red Hook

Red Hook Band UK Live for Arch 1 Venue London Music Blog Blogger

You may remember the Red Hook boys played a gig back in April at a venue in West Ham called Arch 1. Unfortunately the venue was hit with severe floods and was forced to close. A special weekend of music and comedy was arranged to help raise funds to get Arch 1 back up and running, and James and the guys were invited to play the headline slot on Saturday. They rocked through an awesome set of their original songs plus a couple of covers, including the Jurassic Park theme song!!


Fashion Mash-Up Penguin V&A Museum Style Book Blog Blogger

Last week I received some very exciting post in the form of Fashion Mash-Up, a book jam packed with styling tips, 6 card models, card clothing and glittery stickers to dress them up in, plus 5 Instagram backgrounds, so you can show off your perfectly style #ootd’s! Although this book, illustrated by Daisy de Villeneuve, doesn’t hit shops until the 27th October, you should add it to your wish list as it is a MUST for any fashion fan!

Cafe Rouge

Cafe Rouge Autumn Menu Souffle London Food Blog Blogger

Last night I got to try the new Autumn/Winter menu at Cafe Rouge. I was most excited to have my first glass of mulled wine of the season which was perfectly spiced. They’ve some great new additions, including the Rum Baba, a sponge dessert soaked in, you guessed it, rum! I’ll have a full review on the blog very soon.

So, that was my week. What have been your #HumpDayHigh5’s?

Check out last week’s post.


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