July’s Top 10 Best Bits

July was quite a busy month what with it being slap-bang in the middle of summer. Here are the top 10 things I got up to during those beautiful 30 days.

10. Danson Park

Cute Couple Pokemon Go Hunt Danson Park


One weekend down at The Boyf’s he suggested we drive to Danson Park because ‘it’s sunny’, though I knew the real reason was to catch Pokemon. Danson Park is MASSIVE! We took a wander through the forest, walked through the overgrown grass where we found a teeny tiny frog hopping around, and sat by the big lake. Beautiful day in the sunshine.

9. My Favourite Sale

My Favourite Sale Launch Afternoon Tea Bloggers

My Favourite Sale were celebrating their launch with an afternoon tea. It was such a lovely event and it was great to meet Fran and Shane, the guys behind MFS. They gave us a little presentation on who they are, what exactly MFS do, and put on a wonderful spread of sandwiches, cakes and Thai bites.

8. British Summer Time @ Hyde Park

British Summer Time Festival 2016 BST London Warpaint Live Music Blog Blogger

I managed to win tickets to Massive Attack’s headline show at Hyde Park as part of the British Summer Time Festival. The act who we were most excited to see was Patti Smith, who was so inspiring. We also managed to catch War Paint who ended their set against a well-timed double rainbow!

7. Ab Fab Quiz Night

The Book Club London Cocktail Bar Absolutely Fabulous Quiz Night

I joined Charlie and Ashley for an Ab Fab Quiz night at The Book Club! This was so much fun, filled with debauchery and mischief. It started with a quiz round, then we had to hunt for makeup bags hidden around the room, once these were found 1 of us had to put on an eye mask and do another team members makeup. There was also a kissing contest where I had to smother my face with lipstick and kiss as many people as possible. The night ended with a catwalk show where each team had to make their own catwalk costume. After all the points had been counted up, we were so surprised to find that we had won! Out prize was 2 bottles of prosecco.

6. Beautiful The Musical

Beautiful the Carole King Musical West End Theatre London Blog Blogger

The lovely Leanne won tickets to see Beautiful, the Carole King Musical and very kindly brought me along. This had been on my ‘To See’ list for quite some time, and it did not disappoint! I loved every second and was surprised to hear all the classic oldies penned by Carol and her partner Gerry Goffin. I had no idea she was responsible for them all, or that she was even old enough to have written them! It’s a really fab show. I’m already trying to plan another visit!

5. Old Blue Last Festival

Old Blue Last Festival Shoreditch London Live Music Blog Blogger

Spector had announced they would be playing at the Old Blue Last Festival in Shoreditch Park for just a fiver, so of course I grabbed 2 tickets! They’re a favourite of mine & Amy’s with us managing to see them 4 times in 4 months last year, so I thought I’d ask along Sam, Amy’s boyfriend, to show him what all the fuss was about. We were blessed with glorious sunshine, so glorious in fact, that I severely burnt my knees! Spector were on top form, and I think Sam was pretty impressed too!

4. I’m finally on Snapchat!!


As much as I loved having a Windows phone, enough was enough. I needed Snapchat! So 1 weekend I hopped between a couple of second hand technology shops in Stratford before finally purchasing myself a new Samsung phone. I’m now finally on Snapchat and I love it! Of course Instagram decided to launch their ‘Stories’ the same day, so most people seem to be using that instead *sigh*. Oh well. I’m still having loads of fun with the daily filters and special effects. You can find me at captaincharleyy.

3. Bangarang

Bangarang London Lifestyle Bloggers Blog

Meeting up with the babes of Bangarang is starting to become a monthly occurrence. I always feel so much more refreshed after just a couple of minutes in their company. This time was no different. We stuffed our faces with pizza, drank all the prosecco and laughed our arses off watching silly Youtube videos.

2. Secret Cinema

Secret Cinema Movie Film Dirty Dancing Camera Photos London Blog Blogger

Secret Cinema did Dirty Dancing so of course I was there! This was my 3rd consecutive year attending Secret Cinema (remember BTTF and Star Wars?). So much detail goes into their events and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed myself each and every time. I can’t wait to see what they do next!

1. Berlin

Berlin Photoautomat Photobooth Travel Blog Blogger

I joined James & the boys on their mini lads tour to Berlin. I really REALLY loved this city! We found some great places to hang out but the highlight was definitely White Trash which is a burger joint/music venue/tattoo parlour/pinball arcade/rock bar. It was our kind of heaven! I spent 3 nights with the boys before they headed off to Budapest for another 3 nights and I came back to London for Secret Cinema. I’ll have a Berlin post up very soon!

What were your July highlights?

See what I got up to in June.


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