Vinyl Clocks

I received a fantastic little surprise in the post 2 weeks ago; a vinyl clock, and not just any vinyl clock, a Beatles vinyl clock!!

Vinyl Clocks Blogger Review

It arrived securely packaged with the cool, retro Vinyl Clocks logo printed on the front of the box. I opened it up to find the clock made from a 7” vinyl of The Beatles ‘I Wanna Hold Your Hand’. It also came with the original vinyl slip, an AA battery and information leaflets about how the clock was made as well as how to take care of it.

Vinyl Clocks Blogger Review

Vinyl Clocks Blogger Review

Vinyl Clocks Blogger Review

The AA battery fits straight into the back and the time can be easily adjusted by just twisting the wheel to move the hands backwards and forwards. It can also be effortlessly hung up on the wall by aligning a nail into the hook in the back. If you don’t fancy hanging it up, you can buy a desk mount, although at the moment these are only available for 7″ clocks. The minute hand glides smoothly clockwise, so you don’t get that annoying ticking sound.

Vinyl Clocks Blogger Review The Beatles

Vinyl Clocks Blogger Review The Beatles

This would make a brilliant gift for that music fan in your life! They even do beautiful picture discs and  as well as bigger sizes. Prices vary between £14.95-£149.95 depending on rarity and they have an array of artists, from Abba to ZZ Top, so you’ll be sure to find something. Whether your Mum is a big Rod Stewart fan (much like mine), or you boyfriend likes to rock out to Motorhead, you’re bound to find something for all the family (and all your friends too!). If you can’t quite decide which one to buy as a gift, Vinyl Clocks also sell gift vouchers, so your loved one can pick their own perfect vinyl clock.

A big thank you to Haydy for nominating me to receive this fab gift!

* I was sent this vinyl clock to review for free, but rest assured, all words and opinions are my own 🙂


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