Choosey Christmas Cards

Choosey is a fairly new greeting card service, but with a difference. They don’t just print and send the usual greeting cards. Choosey cards also come with a video message.

They offer a wide choice of beautiful, cute and funny cards for all occasions. You can then upload your own pre-recorded video or record your own new message through their website, or even easier, through their app. A special code is then printed inside the greeting card for the recipient to scan on their phone. This code will then take them to your video message.

Christmas is fast approaching so what better time to give Choosey a go!

Choosey Christmas Cards

To start, select your chosen card. It took me a while to pick each card for everyone, but only because I’m indecisive and I wanted each one to be different. You can then personalise the inside of the card. The first page will feature the code to be scanned for your video message. I would recommend downloading the app to record and save your video message to your account. That way it will already be there for you to easily add. The video code can only be scanned via the Choosey app, so just make sure the person you’re sending a card too has a compatible phone. The app is absolutely free and is very easy to use. There are also some very helpful videos on Choosey’s site which show you exactly how to scan the code and view the video.

Choosey Christmas Cards

On the second page, you can type out a greeting to your chosen recipient. I thought I’d have a bit of fun with mine by not putting my name at the bottom. That way they have to watched the video to find out it’s me!

You can chose to have the card sent straight to the recipient or have it sent to yourself first. Be sure to use code BGCHRISTMAS16 for 25% off. I’ve also got a little giveaway where you can Win 10 free Choosey greeting cards inc postage, but you had better enter quickly as it closes on the 15th December!

I think this is such a great idea and gives a little extra to the usual greetings card. They are especially great for sending to friends and family overseas, as they send to all over the world!

* I was asked to try Choosey for free, but rest assured, all words and opinions are my own 🙂


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