Hump Day High 5

Hump Day High 5!

Happy 1st Birthday #HumpDayHigh5!! I can’t believe I’ve been doing these weekly posts for a full year. I’m so proud of myself for not missing a single week, even when things got really tough last year, I still kept on going, and y’know what? It’s probably helped me get through it. So, here’s to another year of inevitable ups and downs, another year of Hump Day High 5s!

Valentines Park

Valentines Park Swan Topery Nature Photography London Blog Blogger

I had Wednesday off work and was feeling a little stiff due to spending the whole of the previous weekend being lazy sat around blogging and watching Netflix, so I decided to loosen up with a brisk walk around Valentine’s Park. It’s always such a pleasant place to walk. I’ll miss it when I move in a couple of months.

Columbia Road Flower Market

Columbia Road Flower Market East London Tulips

Sunday morning I joined Leanne for a jaunt around Columbia Road Flower Market. This was my 1st ever visit to the flower market and although it was raining, it was still quite busy. I picked up some bright yellow tulips, my favourite.

Pretty Tidy Desk

Tidy Bloggers Desk Instagram Photo Frame Lightbox Yellow Tulips

Over the weekend I managed to get a bit of tidying done in my room. I’m trying to get out of the habit of sitting in my bed whilst blogging, so I made my desk look all nice and pretty with the flowers I picked up that morning. It’s really helped entice me out of bed!


Hot Fudge Mess Chocolate Brownie on Waffle at Creams Gants Hill Food Blog Blogger

Sunday evening James took me out for dinner, to Creams. I kid you not for dinner James had a banana split and galaxy milkshake whilst I went for a thick waffle topped with warm brownie pieces and a Twix milkshake. We had then planned to grab some proper food to make back at home for dinner but were so stuffed, we didn’t bother in the end.

Tank & Paddle

Tank and Paddle Mac'n'cheese pasta London Food Blog Blogger

Monday evening Erica invited me as her +1 to Tank & Paddle for pizza, beers and the most delicious mac’n’cheese! This wasn’t your usual mac’n’cheese as this one featured pulled chicken and bbq and it was soooo scrumptious. I wish we’d ordered one each! Don’t even get me started on the Nutella dough balls either! We ended our night with a game of giant Jenga (I won!). I’ll have a full post coming very soon.

So, that was my week. What have been your #HumpDayHigh5’s?

Check out last week’s post.


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