Hump Day High 5

Hump Day High 5!

Today marks 1 full week of working at Expat Explore, but you’ll read more about that below!

1st Day @ Expat Explore

Expat Explore Foosball Table

Last Wednesday I started my new job at Expat Explore. So far, I am loving it. Everyone is really nice and a lot of fun to be around, and totally obsessed with Foosball. Also, I’m very happy that I can wear denim and trainers to work!!

Camden Wander

London Colourful Houses Hartland Road Camden Kentish Town

On Sunday, Nuraan & I took a little wander to Camden, starting from Kentish Town West. We had a lovely walk, stopping to photograph all the pretty houses with colourful doors. I also dropped off a big bag of clothes for SwapaholicsUK’s clothing swap that is happening this Saturday at The Grafton pub. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it as I’ll be in Luxembourg, but do let me know if you pick up anything nice as it might be something of mine 😊

Café Loren

Cafe Loren Shakshuka Camden London Food Blog Blogger

All that walking had made us hungry, so I sent a quick message to my Bangarang ladies asking for foodie recommendations, preferably somewhere that does good eggs. Katie really came through and told us to check out Café Loren. This place does a variety of Shakshuka. I went for the white dish, with cream cheese, mushrooms, onions & feta, and Nuraan went for the red, with tomatoes, roasted bell peppers and granny’s Harissa. Absolutely scrumptious. I’ll definitely be revisiting!

The Diner

The Diner Shoreditch Lumberjack Breakfast London Food Blog Blogger

James & I had a pre-gig face-stuff with dinner at The Diner in Shoreditch. I usually go for the fried chicken and sweet potato fries, but I thought I’d try something a little different. Plus, I was craving eggs! I started with my usual milkshake, The Choconaut (mainly for that shot of rum and those chocolate chips). The main reason I love The Diner is they do all day breakfast dishes, so this time I tried the Lumberjack Breakfast; fluffy pancakes, 2 eggs (you can choose from fried, scrambled or poached), bacon, hash browns and,of course, maple syrup. I swear that stuff tastes great smothered on anything. Yes, even fried eggs!

Joey Ladreth @ The Slaughtered Lamb

Joey Landreth Singer Live at The Slaughtered Lamb with Jukely London Music Blog Blogger

I’m trying to make it my New Year’s Resolution to use my Jukely subscription more (use code JUKECE1 for £10 off your first month). I’d already planned to see James last night so I checked if there were any gigs and lucky for us there was! Neither of us had ever heard of Joey Landreth before but we gave him a quick listen and liked what we heard so thought ‘what the heck’ and secured ourselves passes. This was not only my first time seeing Joey, but it was also my first ever time at The Slaughtered Lamb. It was absolutely packed when we arrived. Joey might just be my new favourite. Keep an eye out for more on the gig in my monthly round-up!

So, that was my week. What have been your #HumpDayHigh5’s?

Check out last week’s post.


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