Hump Day High 5!

Wowee what a week! Remind me not to move for at least the next 5 years. I am so tired you guys!! I haven’t even remotely started to unpack, so I’ve been living out of suitcases and piles of clothes from the floor this week. Anyway, here’s what I’ve been up to over the past 7 days.

Rosa’s Thai Café, Brixton Launch

Lucky me got to be Erica’s +1 for the launch of Rosa’s Thai Café in Brixton on Wednesday evening. Lucky us as we got to hang out with Charlie & Katy who had also been invited. We were treated to some drinks as we chatted whilst being frequently offered delicious Thai nibbles that were being passed around by the staff. The chicken satay was exceptionally tasty. I’ll definitely be going back to have a plateful to myself!

The Impossible Sofa

I managed to find a cheap secondhand sofa on GumTree on Thursday and so got James over after work to help pick it up and bring it back to my new flat. Slight problem, it’s frigging huge and a lot heavier than it looks, so after spending a good couple of hours, we eventually got it up the stairs (once my brother got home from uni to help) only to find we then couldn’t get it into the living room. Still not ready to laugh about it as it’s currently propped up outside my bedroom, so if anyone fancies buying a pretty red sofa

Boyarang Night

Friday night was our monthly Bangarang hang out night. We all gathered round to Emma’s living room, again. This time though, boys were encouraged to join, and hence Boyarang was born! I had to be up early for work the next morning, so didn’t stay too late, but I heard it was a resounding success!

TNT with Expat Explore

As you may know, I recently started a new job at Expat Explore. This weekend we had our own stall set up at the TNT Travel Show at the Business Design Centre in London. It was a fun, but tiring day, of chatting to potential passengers and telling them about our tours. Afterwards we headed to the pub for a couple of drinks. The poor barmaid nearly had a heart attack when I told her I had a 24 drinks order for her!

Dinner at The Dolphin

The great big sister that I am, I treated my brother to Sunday dinner at our new local pub, The Dolphin. We managed to score comfy sofas next to a cosy fire. Joff went for his usual of burger and fries, but I thought I’d try out the butternut squash and spinach bake, topped with herbed feta, and with a side of the creamiest mash. Perfect end to a very busy week.

So, that was my week. What have been your #HumpDayHigh5’s?

Check out last week’s post.


3 thoughts on “Hump Day High 5!

  1. You know, about that red sofa… there’s something called measuring tape. It’s a useful little tool… 😉 I’m sorry about the sofa though, it looks really nice!


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