Hump Day High 5

Hump Day High 5!

It’s been a busy ole week mostly taken up with a weekend away with The Boyf in Ireland. Read on to find out more!

The Miser

On Thursday I was invited by The Corner Shop to watch a performance of The Miser, starring Lee Mack, Griff Rhys Jones and Mathew Horne, at the Garrick Theatre. I always get a little worried when I’m asked to review a theatre show, in case it’s rubbish. Thankfully, this show was not! It was actually really funny, with over the top comedy performances. If you like your shows a bit silly, then this is definitely one for you. I’ll have a full review on the blog very soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

Leprechaun Museum

If you follow me on Instagram, then you’ll have seen that I spent the weekend in Dublin. I booked the flights and accommodation quite some time ago for James’s birthday which was in January. He’d never been before and I thought it would be somewhere he’d like, and he did! He even said it’s become one of his favourite cities! Anyway, on our first night we headed to the Leprechaun Museum as I’d had such a laugh during my last visit 3 years ago. This time was slightly different as we joined an adults only tour so we got to hear all the most gruesome stories about leprechauns and other mythical creatures.

Banging Dinner

After the Leprechaun Museum, we met up with my work colleague Megan, who was on a business trip in Dublin meeting some clients. She’d been recommended a couple of places to hit for dinner, so the 3 of us headed to the Quays Irish Restaurant in Temple Bar for some amazing Irish grub! I had super succulent bangers with the creamiest mash. Definitely a highlight from our trip.

Peader Kearney’s

Saturday night we got our live music fix with a visit to Peader Kearney’s. It’s a small and busy pub with a great atmosphere. It’s the perfect place to get stuck in with the locals, all singing their hearts out to traditional Irish songs.


A few months ago, I joined Cat in a Flat in the hope to make some new feline friends. A couple of weeks ago, I was finally booked in for my first visit. I was supposed to be popping in this Saturday to feed two 8 month old kittens, but unfortunately one of them was hit by a car over the weekend, so I’ll only have the one hungry mouth to feed. Last night I went round to meet Smudge and his owner, and to get all the information I needed regarding keys and food for when I cat sit in 3 days’ time. I can’t wait!

So, that was my week. What have been your #HumpDayHigh5’s?

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