Habitat Wishlist

A couple of weeks ago, the Bangarang ladies & I were invited to Habitat’s sofa inspired festival, aptly named Couchella. We got to lounge around on their couches whilst sipping on bubbly and nibbling on canapes. As we left we were presented with goody bags which included a £50 voucher to spend online, so I thought I’d do a little wishlist of items I’m currently lusting over.


So, as you may know, I recently moved and we still don’t have a sofa in our big spacious living room. I did get us one from someone on Gumtree for £20 but stupidly didn’t take any measurements, and of course it doesn’t fit. I could instead splash out on something brand new that would definitely slide through our door frames and into the living room, but the real question is do I go for lush velvet, colourful buttons or comfy fabric?


At the moment, I just have a bare light bulb hanging from my ceiling in my bedroom – not so glamorous. Yellow seems to be the colour I’m veering towards, though the navy blue with copper inside looks cool and bright as it reflects the light out the top and bottom.

Kitchen Utensils

This would probably be the most practical thing for our new place as neither of us really brought that much kitchen stuff with us during the move, then again, we don’t really cook that much. But maybe we would if we had the equipment…


I love Henry Holland, and I love me a good novelty print, so I probably will give in and spend £45 on that ‘Check me out’ cushion which’ll leave me a fiver for a wooden spoon…

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