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In The Coutyard

A couple of weekends ago Erica & I had our own little clothes swap as we both had some dresses we no longer wanted to keep and wear ourselves, but knew the other would love. This post features one of the dresses given to me by Erica.

Dress // Swished Beidifan      Cardigan // H&M      Tights // Primark      Trainers // Converse

 Burgundy seems to be my colour of choice recently. Well it makes a change from my usual blue hues, though burgundy does go really well with navy. I think the best way to add some fun to any outfit is with coloured tights. I’ve also got some burnt orange tights that would go very nicely with this dress too. I kept with the burgundy theme and layered with a burgundy cardi

I realised too late that the ivy around me was covering up my peach Converse, so there’s an extra legs shot. As you can see, this dress has lots of tiny specks of different colours, so the outfit combinations are endless! I also love that it is sleeveless. I could get away with wearing it as a pinafore over the top of a shirt or long sleeved top. I’ve a feeling you’re going to be seeing a lot of this dress…

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