The Miser at The Garrick Theatre, London

A few weeks ago I was invited along to see The Miser which is currently showing at The Garrick theatre until the 10th June.

The Miser is a classic comedy written by French dramatist, Moliere. Even though this is a centuries-old French play, it was so accessible to a 2017 English audience with modern jokes thrown in perfectly. Gruff Rhys Jones plays Harpagon, who is The Miser of the play. He was excellent and immersive (if not a little terrifying), breaking the 4th wall, throwing insults to the audience adding to the sense of comic chaos. But despite all of this, Lee Mack effortlessly stole the show, though the entire cast revelled in their roles and all had their hilarious moments.

I always worry about going to see comedy plays because I feel there is a lot of pressure for it to actually be funny. If the audience don’t find it funny, then it is extremely obvious when silence follows the punchlines. Thankfully this show did not disappoint with the giggles.

* I was invited to see The Miser for free by Cornershop PR, but rest assured, all words and opinions are my own 🙂


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