Outfit Of The Day

Poppy Apparel

I love The Beatles. Like seriously love them, so much so that I’m planning to get my own kitten which I will name Ringo. So, when I spotted this cute and colourful Fab Four top, I couldn’t resist!

Top // Poppy Apparel      Jeans // Forever 21      Trainers // Converse

I bought this top from Poppy Apparel*. It comes in a one-size-fits-all in 3 different colours; black, white and pink. Now, I’m not usually a pink kinda girl but I think it looks more fun. I’m a size 8/10 and it has a nice loose fit. I think it could possibly fit up to a size 14. Depending how heavy chested you are, it might end up almost being a bit of a crop top. It’s extremely comfortable and easy to throw on. Poppy Apparel have a lot of novelty & slogan print tops and you can get 10% with code CaptainPoppy.

After binge-watching Girl Boss, I was reminded that I have flared jeans in my wardrobe, so I dug them out. I haven’t worn them in over a year, but thankfully they still fit! In my pile of many, MANY colourful Converse trainers, I found the perfect blue pair to match the characters on the top.

Pin it for later!

* I paid for the top myself but will earn commission on every order that uses my special 10% off code.


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