Hump Day High 5

Hump Day High 5!

It should’ve been a difficult week for me, but it wasn’t I think I have my new kitten Ringo to thank for that. He’s been a lovely distraction. Something for me to focus my attention on. As I type this, he is currently asleep on my arm, and he is frigging cute!

Without further ado, here was my week.

One Year Gone

On Friday, it was the 1st anniversary of Amy’s passing. It’s been such a strange year for me. I wrote a little post about it and have had such an amazing response. A big thank you to those that have read and an even bigger thanks to anyone who felt compelled to donate to Headway.

Surprise Trip to Oxford!

James & I took a little weekend trip away. I let James decide on where we should go and he decided to keep it a secret from me. I had no idea we were going to Oxford until we were already on the train! It was great to get away, even if just for 2 days. I’ll have a full post on our trip soon!

The August List @ The Cellar

We thought it would be cool to catch some live music whilst in Oxford. After a quick Google for gigs in the city, we found one that caught our interest. The August List were the headliners of the evening, but it was the support acts, Loud Mountains and Vienna Ditto, that really blew us away.

Harry Potter Live @ The Royal Albert Hall

Sunday afternoon, I hopped off the train from Oxford to Paddington and made my way to the Royal Albert Hall. I had bought my brother a ticket to a very special screening of Harry Potter & the Philosopher’s Stone. This particular screening was accompanied by a live orchestra! It was such a beautiful evening. The orchestra played fantastically with me even forgetting they were there half the time! I would definitely recommend getting to a screening of Chamber of Secrets.

Bloggers Dinner with Eatoffthemenu

Last night I was invited along to a bloggers dinner with EatOfftheMenu at Zayane. There are some restaurants in London that have secret dishes that cannot be ordered from the menu. Zayane is one of these restaurants. EatOfftheMenu is a website where you can order these secret dishes to try at the restaurant. We had some delicious Moroccan food at Zayane, and I’ll have a full post on our evening here soon.

So, that was my week. What have been your #HumpDayHigh5’s?

Check out last week’s post.


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