April’s Gig Round-Up

April was possibly my most busy month for live music, ever, and May’s not looking too bad either!

Live Music @ Paeder Kearney’s, Dublin

Last month I took James to Dublin as part of his birthday present. Whilst there we thought it only right to catch some live music. I’d been to Paeder Kearney’s with my cousins a few years ago. We’d had such a great night, mainly due to the fantastic live music, so I went back! It was just as good as I remembered. I’d highly recommend a visit if you ever find yourself in Dublin.

Dugstock Festival @ New Cross Inn

The New Cross Inn has become 1 of my new favourite local(ish) venues. It was Good Friday that I found myself here again with James & the boys, for Dugstock, a punk rock festival organised by Umlaut Records. We saw 7 bands over the day, but my personal highlights were definitely Strange Planes (pictured above), with their extraordinary choice of music in between their own songs, and Triple Sundae, with their fun pop punk. I’ll be keeping an eye out for their future London shows.

Rale @ The Monarch

I’d spotted that a friend of mine on Facebook’s band were playing a gig in Camden on a night I was actually free! I’ve known him for around 2 years but kept missing out when they played live, but this time I made it! Rale were amazing. The lead singer has such a dreamy voice. These guys are definitely one to watch out for.

Markus Michelucci @ The Golden Lion

Every fortnight, from 7pm, Markus Michelucci,AKA Sound Refuge, takes over the corner of The Golden Lion pub in Sydenham and brings his beautiful covers as well as a couple of his own penned songs. Kev & I had just finished our Sunday roasts and were enjoying our drinks when Markus arrived. He was accompanied by a very talented cellist. It was the perfect end to our weekend. I can’t wait to go back!

Chinah @ Birthdays*

I got my Jukely fix towards the end of the month, 1st with Chinah at Birthdays in Dalston. They were great but lacked interaction with the crowd, especially seeing as though it was a sold out gig. It was also a shame there seemed to be a lot of inconsiderate people in the crowd, pushing and shoving, not to mention a girl with the biggest afro ever who, of course, ended up stood right in front of me. I think we enjoyed the food upstairs from Little Ghost more.

Hannah Lou Clark @ Boston Music Room*

My 2nd Jukely gig of the month was Hannah Lou Clark. Every couple of days I will go through Jukely and listen to each of the acts available to see if anything catches my ear. I actually recognised 2 of Hannah’s songs as they’d popped up in my Discover Weekly on Spotify, so I knew I had to see her. She was brilliant, and handled herself amazingly when 2 guys in the audience started throwing underwear at her!! I just hope for her sake they were clean!

Gigs marked with a * are those which I got passes for through Jukely. You can get £10 off your first month by using my special code: JUKECE1

Did you manage to make it to any of these gigs? Or maybe you saw someone else. I’d love to hear in the comments below!

You can catch February & March’s gig round-up here, and be sure to read all about why I go to so many gigs.

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