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A Taste of England with Expat Explore – Day 1

I recently started a new job with Expat Explore and a couple of months ago, we (we as in the London office team) had a weekend away together. This weekend away basically took the route of the first few days of one of our new tours – Taste of England. There was a lot to fit into 3 days, so I’m splitting this trip into 3 posts. This is what we got up to on Day 1.


Our first stop was to Stonehenge. Now, I’d never visited before so I was super excited. We parked the coach, grabbed a spot of lunch before picking up our tickets & audio sets and making our way onto the shuttle bus that would take us closer to the famous rocks. We were dropped off, in the freezing cold gales, at the start of the walkway which lets you take a full 360 view of the stones. According to me Father you could climb all over them back in the day but nowadays you’ll find a rope barrier keeping you back by a couple of meters. This was apparently set up a few decades ago to stop visitors from graffiti-ing the prehistoric monument.

Stonehenge doesn’t feel that big up close, but I’m still glad I finally got to see it. There’s also an interesting little exhibition to wander around back by the car park, and you can even test your strength at stone pulling.

Cheddar Gorge

Our next stop took us winding through giant rocks and into Cheddar Gorge. The 1st port of call was to the Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company for a little tour around their factory and a sneak peek at the cheese making process, as well as a tasting of all their different flavours. I think we all ended up buying a slab or 2 to take home!

By the time we left the shop, the sun was shining immensely. We were all given an hour of free time to do what we wanted before all meeting back at the cars, so I decided to go on my own little wander round the village. Cheddar Gorge is very cute with pretty cafes and quaint shops, including a whole store dedicated to my favourite part of the year – Christmas! I even spotted some wild goats having a graze in the rocks along the side of the street!

We still had a couple more hours to drive before we made it to our Airbnb for the weekend, so made 1 last comfort stop in Exeter to pick up some supplies (gin and beer) and stretch our legs whilst a couple of the girls had a quick business meeting with 1 of the hotels in the city.

Legs stretched and the boot full of goodies, we bundled ourselves back into the cars and chased the sunset to our home for the weekend. We spent the evening eating, drinking and playing games before eventually making our way to bed, ready for an early start the next morning.

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