La La Land @ Backyard Cinema

A couple of weeks ago I won tickets to a screening of my choice at Backyard’s Miami Beach Cinema through Love Pop Ups London. I decided to make it a date night for James & I, and as neither of us had seen La La Land, it seemed like the perfect choice!

You’ll find Backyard nestled in the corner of Mercato Metropolitano, an Italian street food market in South East London. As this was a Miami Beach themed pop-up cinema, we were told to hand in our shoes in exchange for a pair of flip flops (green or pink?) before being allowed entry. This was for good reason too as the whole floor is covered in sand, which is a fun touch, though trying to get it all off your feet to put your socks back on is a bit of a pain. Once inside we were shown to our ‘seats’ which were the comfiest beanbag chairs I have ever had the pleasure of sitting on.

Unfortunately you’re not allowed to bring in food from the market outside, but there is a bar inside with drinks (including some fun cocktails in palm tree containers) and snacks. Before the film starts they play a medley of the best (and worst most cheesey) things from the 80s/90s. Think Saved By The Bell and some shockingly naff film trailers that I’m unsure whether they were real or not.

The beach theme is done perfectly, though I do think they should provide some sort of locker or cloak room system as we all know, no matter how hard you try to not get sand everywhere, it somehow ends up in the places you wouldn’t have even thought about. I’d suggest keeping your phone in a zipped up pocket.

At £16.50 it’s well worth a visit for a different kind of movie night, just be prepared to get sand everywhere and to end up ordering a beanbag chair on the way home!

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* I was given a pair of tickets for free, but rest assured, all words and opinions are my own 🙂


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