Pizza Party with Pizza Express Live High Holborn

Last week I was invited along to a pizza party at Pizza Express‘s newly renovated restaurant in Holborn. We got to make our very our pizzas, with a helping hand from 1 of their very skilled chiefs, as well as get a sneak peek of their new Live venue downstairs.

We were welcomed with prosecco, Peroni and everyone’s favourite, dough balls (seriously, their garlic butter is to die for!), before being presented with plastic aprons and paper hats. Clothes and hair all protected, it was time to get stuck in. First, we had to stretch our squidgy balls of dough into a flat circle, using just our finger tips. Once our dough was nice and thin, it was time for the tomato sauce. The knack to this is to fill the ladle with sauce, empty it into the middle of the dough and then use the bottom of the ladle to spread it by making a circle, starting from the middle that very slowly gets bigger until you have a smooth, even helping of tomato sauce across your base.

Next, it was topping time. I went for goats cheese, shreds of ham & a little bit of onion, and not forgetting the ingredient that really makes a pizza, mozzarella cheese! We went back to sipping our drinkings whilst our creations baked in the over, but they didn’t take long at all Mine was the 1st out, and I was really surprised just how great it looked, like an actual pizza you would get served at Pizza Express! It tasted just as great too! Mine was cooked to perfection. It wasn’t too thin and crispy, so it was easy to cut. There was silence around the table as we all tucked into our pizzas.

Before we bid farewell, we were given a little tour of the new space downstairs. This snazzy basement venue will be used for live music and comedy performances once it launches in September. It’s really not what you would expect from a Pizza Express, with it’s plush blue velvet seats and decadent lights along the curved long table around the stage area. I would be quite comfortable sat here with a glass of champers, laughing my socks off at Harry Hill.

* I was invited along to Pizza Express for free food and drink in exchange for a post, but rest assured, all words and opinions are my own 🙂

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