Philini’s Cowboy

I love me some bags. Of all shapes, sizes and colours, so imagine just how happy I was when Philini sent me not 1, but 3 of theirs to try out! For now though, here’s the 1st bag.

This dark navy leather cross body bag is sleek and stylish . I didn’t realise it was navy until I took it outside into the sunshine, which revealed it’s true colour.  This 1 is a lot smaller than the other 2 but is perfect for carrying my essentials, like my phone, purse and card holder. It’s simple, but extremely well made. This is because each bag is made by hand. This 1 is made from super soft, lightweight leather. The long strap can be easily adjusted with the buckle.

Philini offer an array of bags, from fabric shoppers in various colours and patterns, to leather crossbodies, with prices starting at €39. If you’re looking for a new very long lasting bag, I highly recommend Philini.

Big thanks to Little Miss Katy for a majority of these photos.

* I was sent this bag for free, but rest assured, all words and opinions are my own 🙂

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