Hump Day High 5

Hump Day High 5!

I’ve had a very quiet week this week, with me coming straight home after work every night and even spending all weekend indoors chilling out and getting stuff done. Despite this, I’ve still managed to find 5 great things from the past 7 days!

Accounts Team Lunch

On Wednesday we went for an accounts team lunch to Leadbelly’s. I was feeling like stuffing my face with waffles, and lucky me got exactly that! Though I was really craving some fried chicken to go with them, but made do with fried eggs instead. SO GOOD!


I woke early Saturday morning and set to work with adding some of the many many items of clothing I no longer wear to my eBay. I could seriously set up a physical shop with all the stuff I have! Be sure to keep an eye out as I’ve plenty more to come!

I’m Seeing Erica

It may have only been for 2 minutes, but I got to see the lovely Erica on Saturday. It’s crazy that I don’t see her more being as she lives right around the corner! I got to play fashion photographer for some quick outfit snaps. It made my weekend seeing this girl!

GoT is back!!

It’s been a long long wait but Game of Thrones is finally back! Don’t worry I won’t give anything away. My Monday evenings are going to be very busy what with Twin Peaks also on the same night too! James is away on holiday so I’ve refrained from watching Twin Peaks, but couldn’t wait for him to get back to watch GoT together – SORRY BAE!

Kitty Cuddles

Spending so much time at home this week has meant I’ve managed to get LOTS of cuddles in with Ringo, as well as bite marks. He’s still very playful and I don’t think he quite realises just how sharp his teeth and claws are! Still, I wouldn’t change him for the world 🙂

So, that was my week. What have been your #HumpDayHigh5’s?

Check out last week’s post.


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