Cats I’ve Loved and Lost

I’m sure you’re all aware just how much of a crazy cat lady I am, so of course when More Th>n, in partnership with The RSPCA, asked me to get involved in their #MoreThanCat campaign to celebrate International Cat Day earlier this week, I jumped straight on board and made Ringo his very own dating profile.
I thought I’d also share tails (pun intended) of my favourite felines that I’ve loved and lost.


Jasper was my 1st ever cat. I used to babysit the kids next door for an hour on the weekends when I was younger, Their cat, Ebony, had just had 5 kittens. Jasper was the 1 who would always climb up my legs and onto my lap for a nap. I was so excited when my mum said we could bring 1 of the kittens home (with permission from my neighbour of course). I knew exactly which 1 I wanted. Jasper is still my favourite cat to date. He was just so lovely and never got angry and nipped or scratched. He was my big fluffy baby. He lived a glorious 17 years before he sadly died in 2013.


One Chistmas Eve, my parents popped out leaving me and my little brother at home with our Nan. The house was quiet until MEOOWW, my mum walked in with a new grey tabby kitten! Best Christmas surprise ever! We’d only had Jasper for around 4 months, but now he had a friend to play with. Or so we thought. Misty was beautiful, but was quite ill-tempered and liked to use his claws a lot. He’d falsely lure you in for tummy rubs by seductively rolling over, but as soon as your hand touched the fur on his belly it was slashed! That’s not to say I didn’t still love Misty, he wasn’t mean all the time, and of course my heart broke a little when he passed away less than a year after Jasper.

Irish Abandoned Kittens

My Aunty Breege has a cat, who is mainly wild, but she feeds her and occasionally she comes inside. 12 or so years ago her cat had kittens in the shed, but when my Mum went to go take a peek she noticed that a bottle of oil had spilt all over them. So my mum took them into the house, gave them a wash and put them back where she found them on a clean towel. Now, cats don’t like when they’re new born babies are disturbed. She could smell humans had been touching them and so she ended up rejecting them. 1 died, but we managed to raise the remaining 3. My mum even smuggled 2 back on the ferry to the UK where she then found them homes, but that wasn’t before they had a temporary home with us. We named 1 of them Gizmo because he was a grey tabby with a ginger streak down his forehead. The cutest moment was definitely having to feed them with teeny tiny bottles!

Savannah & her kittens; London, Paris & Monkeyboy

Back when I lived in Stratford with some uni mates, we had a furry visitor one night. Savannah snuck in and made herself quite at home. It turned out she was pregnant and a couple weeks later gave birth to 3 adorable kittens in my housemates bed! Savannah then went next door and had 2 more sets of kittens over the next year or so. We managed to re-home her 3 kittens. London moved in with my Mum and Misty, Paris is now called Luna and lives in West London, and Monkeyboy (named because she loved climbing everywhere, we also thought she was a boy…) was renamed Willow and has started a new life up in Scotland.


My cousin’s cat had just had kittens and they were looking for new homes, and it was perfect timing for my mum to adopt a new kitty into the Ellis clan, having recently lost Misty. So London had a new playmate, not that he really played with Misty as they didn’t like each other much, and turns out London wasn’t really a fan of Dexter either. London is a good couple of years old now, so has mellowed in his mood, but Dexter was a young, playful kitten with lots of energy when he arrived. I think the boys have an understanding and tend to just stay out of each others way most of the time. I find Dexter is a lot friendlier compared to London, and will always lie on my lap for cuddles.


Last year I lived in a very large houseshare in Gants Hill. There was a bit of a problem with rats on the bottom floor, so the landlord agreed to let us get a house cat. Enter Oreo. She arrived just at the right time. I had lost my best friend just 2 months prior which is around the time my panic attacks started and my mental health was at an all time low, but having Oreo around definitely helped. It’s amazing the healing powers animals can have! Oreo was a lot of fun to play with, but she wasn’t the type of cat to come and sit on my lap for a cuddle, but now I have my own ball of fluff for that!


My baby. The 1st cat I have ever truly owned. Mine all mine. He drives me up the wall with his running around, climbing into and onto everything, his waking me up at ungodly hours in the morning licking my nose and his biting, but I wouldn’t change him for the world. That 1st photo was taken the night I brought him home. I woke at 4am to find him snuggled into my neck. I love how cuddly he is, sprawled across me snoozing right now, in fact! May this year was the 1st anniversary of Amy’s passing, and I really wouldn’t have been able to deal with it quite like I did if I didn’t have Ringo. He’s been something else for me to focus on. Not that I don’t still think about Amy most days, but it’s less intense.

I could go on about all the cats in my life, with lots more being added since I became a cat sitter. I would love to hear all about your kitties, so shoot me a comment below!

* This post was written in exchange for a hamper full of goodies for Ringo, but rest assured, all words and opinions are my own 🙂


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