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A Taste of England with Expat Explore – Day 2

Welcome to day 2 of my recent weekend away with work, which was essentially the first 3 days of our Taste of England Tour.

We woke early on our 1st morning in Cornwall. As we’d arrived to our Airbnb after nightfall the previous night, we hadn’t quite been able to see just how beautiful the view from the back garden, complete with mini hot tub, was. It was mid-March, and so was a little misty that early in the morning, but still, it was a wonderful sight to wake up to.

We had a day filled with lots of planned stops, so we quickly ate breakfast before bundling ourselves into the vehicles and setting off on our adventure.

Our 1st stop of the day was Dartmoor National Park, where we had a little uphill walk, then back down again, to see one of the stone circles. This one was like a miniature Stonehenge, but with more stones of a smaller size that were spread out over a wider area. This particular stone circle, called Scorhill, is thought to be even older than Stonehenge too!

It was really interesting to hear what they may have been used for. Some believe the circle of stones has a certain healing power. The rest of what we saw of Dartmoor was absolutely beautiful. So many colours, and not just greens. Unfortunately we didn’t spot any of the famous wild ponies, just the one very tame and trained horse.

Next up was Tintagel Castle. To get to the main site of the castle, you have to walk down, and then back up, lots of uneven steps along the coastline, so be sure to hold on to the railings where possible, and take your time. The views from the castle are breathtaking. The water looked so blue on this sunny, but rather cold, Saturday in mid March.

We then took lots more steps all the way down to the beach where we found Merlin’s cave as well as an impressive waterfall. Making our way back was very tiring as not only did we have all those steps to climb, but there was also a very steep hill we had to walk back up to the cars. Still, worth it for those views!

Our 3rd stop of the day was St Ives, a lovely little seaside town with lots of winding streets filled with quaint little gift shops. It had just passed lunchtime, and we were all pretty hungry, so we were given an hour or so to wander around and grab some food.


A couple of us settled in a pub on the seafront for traditional cream teas. We all know I love me a cute door, so I was of course in my element as there were cute doors around every corner. St Ives was definitely my favourite stop we’d made that weekend, so far….

That was until we made it to Mevagissey. The tide was in and the boats were all bobbing up and down. Mevagissey is a lot smaller than St Ives, but still just as cute. It had been a long drive and it was about time we finally got ourselves some fish & chips. So that’s exactly what we did! Just watch out for those pesky seagulls. They seem to be a lot more daring here!

I had just about enough time after stuffing my face with battered cod bites, to get some sunset snaps across the harbour before we all had to be back at the cars ready for our long journey back to the Airbnb, where we had plans for a bbq. We had a beautiful drive ‘home’ with the sun setting behind us. When we got in, the boys set to work on getting the fire started and the meat cooked, whilst us girls made the drinks and salads.

It was the perfect end to a very tiring, but fun filled day. The following day wasn’t quite so filled, but there were still 2 stops before home.

You can see what we got up to on day 1 here!

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