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The £1 Charity Shop Dress

I’ve become quite the charity shop pro as of late all thanks to some cracking stores literally on my doorstep. Today I’m sharing one of my best finds. A £1 dress.

Dress // RSPCA originally Apricot      Shoes // Matalan

Yes, this dress cost me 100 Great British pennies. Isn’t it a dream? I picked it up from my current favourite charity shop, RSPCA, just a stones throw from my very front door. They usually have a £1 rail where I’ve managed to pick up a couple of great items, including this dress. It’s actually quite lethal living so close to these charity shops. Although the prices are low, I still managed to spend over £60 during my 1st weekend living in Sydenham from doing the rounds of the charity shops just down my road.

The colour is a beautiful greeny blue, or is it bluey green? I love the tie belt detail. When tied to the side it gives the illusion of this being a wrap dress which is very flattering. It’s also incredibly comfortable to wear with it’s elasticated waistline. I’ve paired this dress with my white brogues which go with practically anything and everything.

What’s been your best charity shop find?

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