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Where to Eat & Drink in Bucharest

My recent trip to Bucharest with the Bangarang girls involved a lot of food and drink, so I thought it best to do one big post featuring some of the restaurants, bars and pubs that we visited over our weekend in the Romanian city.

Distrikt 42

Distrikt-42 is a steam punk themed bar and restaurant in the heart of the Old Town. The bar looks awesome, like something you could imagine seeing in London. I really liked the interiors of Distrikt 42. There were cogs and mechanisms on the walls and hanging light bulbs from the ceiling. We realised just how cheap Bucharest was when it came to paying for the bill. A pint of beer would set you back the equivalent of just £1.30! It was at this point that we all came to the conclusion we had probably exchanged FAR too many English pounds into the Romanian Lei! The food isn’t very traditional with a menu mainly made up of burgers, steaks and pasta, but I’d highly recommend this place for a couple of social drinks.

The Urbanist

We’d walked past The Urbanist the previous night and after spotting a sign for ‘Brunch’ vowed to come back. We’d been dreaming about pancakes and eggs, but what we actually found out the word ‘brunch’ to mean in Bucharest, is sandwiches and coffee. We’d already spent around 15 minutes photographing the cute, hipster caff/clothing store, so decided to stick around for coffee. Now, I’m not a coffee (or tea) drinker, so instead I went for my 1st ever freakshake and I have no regrets!! It was actually very well I had something very filling as hunting down somewhere for actual food proved to be quite difficult…

Caru’ cu Bere

I’ve never seen a bar like Caru’ cu Bere. The closest I’ve come is probably Waxy O’Connor’s in Soho. It was all wonderfully carved wood, delicate wall paintings, and pretty stained glass windows. We popped in for a pit-stop beer/wine and sat at the bar feeling all sophisticated. It’s a very big bar with plenty of tables to sit at, but it does get very busy, so be prepared to maybe have a little bit of a wait for a table on a Friday/Saturday night.

Manuc’s Inn

Hanul Lui Manuc was definitely the fanciest place we had been to during this trip, and served a lot more traditional Romanian food than we had experienced over the 2 days we had spent in the city. We had planned to use up all of our leftover lei, but this proved difficult. Everywhere is just so cheap! We ordered a couple of starters to share, each ordered our own mains AND desserts, plus there were a couple of bottles of wine and pints of beer, and it still came to under £30 each. I can imagine this place being even more beautiful in the summer with the outside tables are in use.

Ever been to Bucharest? I would love to hear your food & drink recommendations for when I hopefully return. Let me know in a comment below.

Pint it for later!


2 thoughts on “Where to Eat & Drink in Bucharest

  1. Love this post – great photography. I’ve not yet been to Bucharest but it looks like there are lots of places to eat and drink. I’ve also had freakshakes on my list of must-tries for a long time, they look incredible.


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